Measure in the treatment that has good cost effectiveness

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Measure measures to have two big potential gain in treatment: It is before beginning cutting to machine, machine function with respect to what can check a machine tool, can decide a machine tool in order to use it whether the treatment requirement of contented workpiece; The necessity that still can decrease major general workpiece to send measurement unit or metric room to undertake detecting is measured in treatment, because such doing not only spend time, and the new outfit clip that means need to undertake may be bringinged about making mistake to workpiece. Leinishao (Renishaw) the Barry Rogers of the company points out, although a long time ago people begins to be used on treatment machine tool measure a head to solve workpiece to hold clip issue, but nowadays, more machine tools measure a head is the method that regards machine tool of a kind of test and verify and school nucleus as its function, the purpose is the change that eliminates treatment process, no matter its come from machine tool, handlers, still be the element such as workpiece material. The progress of software is to use exploration function extensively to assist treatment pilot a main factor. Rogers explanation says, "We hope to bring into exploration program cutting in the loop. Input model of a CAD above all, next the feature that process designing personnel can single out need to measure -- need to be clicked on a certain feature only, pull its to drag and be put into detect program can. " move detect the measurement that the program obtains data, in can be being used at be being machined in closed circuit of real time feedback, automatic newer cutting tool slants buy quantity; Perhaps send handlers, move a change to machine a setting by its hand. To means of feedback of automatic real time, the AE Pro closed circuit that can use firm of Lei Ni carry on machines software; Move to the hand measure way, the OMV of this company opens type software to be able to measure the feature data to send handlers, if be necessary, can install cutting tool to slant accordingly buy quantity. The machine tool measures a head to still can be used at desired result having to the machine tool before cutting treatment begins. The standard component that can use a foregone measure or measure fiducial a function of school nucleus machine tool. Desired result program can undertake touching measuring to a series of dots on standard component. Machine tool measured value and the cutting tool that the deviation that controls dimension decided to need slant buy quantity. Rogers says, "You still can undertake comparing is opposite to machine tool function. Measure a head to measure feature of a workpiece with the machine tool above all, measure machine captain nucleus to should measure data in 3 coordinate next, undertake necessary correction to the machine tool. " his complement says, "To satisfy the need of the small size hardware with treatment medical treatment and aviation familiar industry, we offerred OMP 400 machine tool to measure a head, it is usable at measuring staff of small diameter slightness won't produce bending. It uses formula of a kind of meet an emergency measurement unit, with changeover type measures a photograph comparing, it is better to can obtain smaller, consistency touch measure power. This kind measures an OMP 700 that is us miniaturization version that measures a head, its measure precision to be able to be achieved 0.

25 μ M. " in every treatment measure complex to the structure high price is worth a spare parts to undertake online detect, but desired result the exact size between all sorts of workpiece features concerns, all sorts of quality problems that with avoiding to appear the likelihood brings about do poorly done work over again 2 times or the spare parts discards as useless. MP700 machine tool of Leinishao measures a head to be in to the spare parts in machine in detecting, can achieve similar coordinate to measure machine measure a head inferior micron class measures precision. This meet an emergency that measures a head measures a design to be able to be offerred very small touch measure power, and what agree equably is three-dimensional touch measure mode, of length 50mm measure a needle to be able to be achieved 0.

The repeatability precision of 5 μ M. Before another kind can be used at treatment beforehand the new-style system of desired result is OTS the wireless dual system that measure a head. The cutting tool installation of this kind of system measures head and main shaft installation to touch measure measure a head common an optical transmission system, will convey through infra-red signal data. This kind measures a head to be able to provide a treatment environment that does not have cable, make the user can come true to be in automatically machine debug, cutting tool damaged detects, the function such as workpiece installation and workpiece desired result. Testing system of damaged of laser cutting tool is a kind wide welcome product. Measurement unit of this kind of low cost can begin in treatment before condition of desired result cutting tool, in order to prevent attaint workpiece. Getting especially cut / in tap treatment, this kind detects can prevent common, the tap that cost does not poor breaks off problem. In automation treatment, if fail to detect,be short of break, the tap that undertakes after broach bore tap is machined normally can break off nearly always. The David Hayes of Control Gaging company expresses, "We discover, the situation that measures some technically to secure dimension is less and less already. What differ with this is, user hope measurement unit is measured quickly in what differ change between limits. Our new product line can solve this to plant ' change quickly ' problem. Basically use at the measurement unit of the small-sized spare parts of aviation industry and medical treatment parts of an apparatus to can detecting, its market demand is increasing. " the WG2 diameter measurement unit of Control Gaging company but will measure a result to feedback in real time grinder, in order to realize rigid to the closed circuit of diametical dimension control. The repeatability precision < of this device 0.

5 μ M, the time that hold key is 30 seconds. In addition, the product of this company still must get used to the European strict requirement to protecting an environment. Include among them, lead cannot be included in equipment material, and any material that may release poisonous component as time elapse. Hayes says, "Although be opposite at present machine tool kind the product has not imposed environmental tax, but we think, cancelling this kind of immunity is problem of a time only. And, will for a long time look, relevant code of the United States also may be met stricter and stricter. " conspicuous is, japan and China also begin to pay close attention to these environmental problems. Another change trend is, user requirement will measure control the function is compositive in the control system to the machine tool, hope treatment control and survey pilot connection is easier, simpler. To the buy inside the machine tool the demand of measurement unit is increasing increasingly. For example, show on the honing machine of CNC of SV-1005 series vertical of Sunnen company compositive already a pneumatic surveys a system, can offer closed-loop control to tool dimension, can generate the statistical process that can download to control (SPC) data. Core of head of much top gem of the tool of honing of plating diamond CGT Krossgrinding that uses Sunnen firm or MMT TurboHone is strong, this kind provided pneumatic measurement unit (bore diameter measures range 3 - 65mm) honing machine can be in need not below the circumstance that handlers intervenes, size of hole of automata top gem, precision can be amounted to 0.

25 μ M. This honing system suits to be used at valve of small-sized engine, hydraulic pressure very much / spare parts of nozzle of body of a powerful person, fuel, gear, compressor, turbine is exchanged implement of housing and barrel in / measure capability index large quantities of quantities, automation, high (Cpk) treatment. Measuring the part with smaller size is equestrian Persia (Marposs) a challenge that the company is settling. The NanoUnimar miniature measurement unit that this company develops is OK the freeboard precision that achieves in order to go hard on the machine tool measures small-sized and nice fit (if miniature bearing and miniature pneumatic are motor) . Explanation of Frank Powell of manager of this company product says, "Another field that has challenge sex is the measurement of circular spare parts. For example, grinding crankshaft is a kind of common treatment method, in the past, the exact amount that need sends metric room the bent axle after grinding checks its figure on appearance (like circularity) , and the measurement unit in using machine tool of the park inside us, can detect directly when treatment crankshaft appearance. " the software of this kind of measurement unit can move in the off line on personal computer already, also can go up to go in accident in grinder, the error that its measure result and metric room instrument is in 0.

Less than of 5 μ M. Should survey a system and can not replace metric room instrument, but can make handlers knows craft state quickly, forecast the metabolic trend that machines dimension. Powell summary says, "Generally speaking, measuring equipment had been a kind of additional device no longer. Very a paragraph long since period, all sorts of in measuring demand to drive treatment, measure become new heat. Measurement unit by direct and compositive arrive in the machine tool, make machined machine tool and measurement unit to realize unifinication thereby. " the business development that Nextpage sea overcomes Si Kang to survey company of the Wilcox below group division is in charge of Steve Logee explanation to say, "Software NC is measured in our PC-DMIS in new version, the major main character that designing a concept is will original PC-DMIS introduces in treatment measure. " it can be gotten from inside the X number of the machine tool measure information, use PC-DMIS to evaluate engine to analyse these information. There is the PC-DMIS version of 3 kinds of different types now. PC-DMIS Lite version applies to use main shaft to measure the user of the head, but it does not need too much information, need a few cutting tool only setting, slant buy quantity computation and cutting tool are simple the basic message of geometrical appearance. This is one kind is wrapped by the software of icon drive, make the user need not be the complexity place that enters M code and G code to perplex. It is to regard a kind of original equipment as manufacturer (OEM) option offers. Current, this version is used at main shaft to measure the measurement of the head only, but it also may expand use at other sensor to mix measure a situation. The 2nd kind of version -- PC-DMIS NC Server is a kind of more complex measurement software, undertake with Yuke complex measured distributed treatment mode. It allows an user to introduce CAD model in PC-DMIS environment, off line development measures an order, it is its interpreter G code and M code, come with it next test and verify the result of program of a CNC machining. For example, finish in operation of a crucial cutting likely test and verify undertakes as a result to its inside a few minutes after. Logee explanation says, "After a machine tool undertakes trying cutting, can v exploration program undertakes necessary measurement, will measure data to input PC-DMIS to undertake assessment. Next, this software uses the most appropriate to the treatment that will have form report to evaluate a result. This kind of form can be the simple signal that issues a certain place to discover an error to handlers already, also can be a complex graphical report, production engineer can undertake craft adjust with it. PC-DMIS software still can send message a machine tool, with be aimed at cutting tool wear away or geometrical appearance change undertakes correction. " PC-DMIS NC Server can manage the data that comes from much stage machine tool at the same time. The PC-DMIS NCi that is used at controlling a machine tool to measure (alternant) the advanced version that software is this series software. This software is measured in 3 coordinate in the run mode on the machine tool and PC-DMIS machine (CMM) the run mode that go up is roughly identical. It is used measure the head will collect or character of a group of workpiece is occupied, through having these data and CAD model comparing is opposite, undertake an analysis to its, make significant feedback news in real time. These information can be used at certain operation (if use iterative method fixed position to search) , or with measuring the logistic operation that news report has directly between software and machine tool at a few need. It still can is opposite those size are too large, as a result cannot be in 3 coordinate measure convention the spare parts that detects on machine undertakes eventually check. Hai Dehan (Heidenhain) the Kevin Kaufenberg explanation of the company says, "Pneumatic measurement unit is becoming increasingly popular, be in replace a hand to move stage by stage measure. They use measurement unit of air pressure drive, raised a machine tool to measure ability, the between hand when decreasing to expend moves an operation. " another cause that Hai Dehan measurement unit can save time is need not new calibration, and a lot of is based on differential transformer type displacement sensor (LVDT) measurement unit needs often calibration. The score on the vitreous scale feet of Hai Dehan measurement unit has permanent and fixed optical and fiducial number. A few new-style measurement unit still will measure the journey to increase 30mm, can detect with same suit buy thereby the spare parts of larger size scope. In the assessment to process, signal analysis is a kind of main tool, no matter machine a machine tool to the examination, still be the component that finishs to treatment, it is such. The principle that signal analyses is, can evaluate process through coming to the measurement of a few variable, this kind is measured collect relevant data with sensor, digitlize its, obtain process signal thereby. The successful case that with the signal that makes at assembling author of company of Sciemetric of analytic system supplier held Nathan Sheaff of chief technology officer concurrently to list initial stage of Ford Motor Corporation to apply this to analyse a system. The engineer need of Ford company is assembling a process one kind in (is not when assemble entirely after ending) the system that has checking to engine. In this kind of system, a group of checkpoint are planted in every crucial component (like crankshaft and piston) be assembled when going up to engine, undertake checking to rigging a process. Every kinds of test is rotate through machinery in every checkpoint transmission shaft undertakes automatically. According to the report, form of prescription of this kind of outfit lowered the fault rate of engine greatly. Sheaff warning says, "Signal analysis will not tell you whether a system can run normally, but in occurrence blemish (if there is flaw in material, assemble undeserved etc) when can issue a warning, and it is normal to tell you component function. For example, crankshaft corner is to decide normally a of engine blemish optimal index. " for development one tests a program, want to obtain the signal of good part above all, undertake moving with the product that has foregone blemish part next, measure its signal. Pass contrast the difference of two kinds of signal, can come true to having issue part detect. Detected with this system after a few spare partses, can undertake the consistency of the spare parts is checked. Decide to know to be in before blemish of existence of a kind of spare parts, should allow out of tolerance of how many spare parts, consistency examination is a crucial step. In addition, still must appear to a few nature, the element that may cause signal to change (if temperature of humidity, environment, vibration is mixed,cutting tool wears away) undertake assessment. Sheaff says, "As the elapse of time, you can know what problem is more serious. Next, you can redesign testing system possibly, detect only 1 - 2 keys are variable. We offer detect device has 2 - 30 channel, can detect different numerary is variable. " Sheaff complements, "Detecting in the process, always have ' discover the truth ' when. Sometimes, we did not find right problem place at the beginning. A certain blemish may deceive pass a barrier, was not detected to come out, next we must undertake test and analysis afresh. The source that gets signal data to measure an issue to deciding the product is simple is crucial. Actually, price of system of analysis of this kind of signal is not expensive, and, a few clients discover, because product quality problem causes the amount of claim for compensation,exceed the cost that buys whole system possibly. " in the improvement that measures a technology in treatment, software produced main effect. For example, the AutoComp system of Caron engineering company can process data of cutting tool performance, and self-correcting cutting tool slants buy quantity. When undertaking to a kind of specific cutting tool dimension is compensated every time, the system can come down compensation record. This makes handlers can monitor cutting tool wear out condition, and set is changing before cutting tool, allow the limiting value that undertakes to cutting tool dimension is adjusted. Indication screen can show the demonstrative signal of different color: Red colour specification already arrived the time that change a knife, yellow colour specification approachs the time that change a knife, job of cutting tool of green colour specification is regular. Another kind of product of Caron company is cutting tool is monitored from adaptive control (TMAC) system. The machine tool power that it is based on cutting work place to need wears away to cutting tool undertake real time is monitored. As the ceaseless aggravation of state of blade of cutting tool cutting, needs treatment power can increase. TMAC system can measure the power that main shaft place needs and feed ceaselessly, when wear away in order to decide cutting tool or damaged, issue correction signal to system of machine tool CNC next. Above all, TMAC system realizes the wear rate of the power that optimization cutting place needs and this cutting tool to undertake process designing to a kind of specific cutting tool. Next, the system undertakes monitoring to these two limiting value. In addition, this system still can install the cooling fluid discharge that falls to condition of every kinds of cutting to undertake monitoring. CNC Milling CNC Machining