Use mixture laser beam welding to receive a technology to improve a car to make cost

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At present competition is having the avid demand to speed in intense car market. And from consumer side for, what they care more is horsepower. However, in manufacturing industry, speed is output and productivity is all. American car manufacturer people as a result of numerous reason, included automobile body design, cognitive character still has have cost to wait, losing its market share stage by stage. Although discuss to not be inside the consideration limits of the article about what automobile body designs, however, the strategy that improves quality and productivity is the focal point that debate however. This both can come true through mixing processing technique, this technology solders laser with the tradition arc welding of metallic pole gas (GMAW) union rises undertake soldering. Laser parameter, for instance wavelengh, quality of beam of light, facula size, power density, jiao Shen, and fixed position of beam of light is waited a moment, very crucial to undertaking soldering is successfully. The groovy complement that other parameter still includes pair of GMAW energy sources and pulse are delivered, the fixed position of GMAW tinsel, osculatory angle, and the chemistry of metallic thread. In addition, circumstance of surface of base material oxide, to accepting the design of place, welding line width and protective gas type and discharge also give mixture welder art quality and function brought an influence. Below the chooses a lot of pair of sides influence of will detailed introduction gas, these respects included interaction of laser light beam, defend efficiency, solder bead function, and the equipment of the aeriform compound that uses transmission level and discharge. Technology of compound laser beam machining incorporates the sources of energy of a 2 class solder pool area. Mixture processing technique makes the dominant position that laser beam welding accepts gets incorporate, these advantages included to solder speed gets rising, hot influence area is restricted, soldering juncture narrow has excellent solder path appearance at the same time. GMAW serves as the sources of energy 2 times, it improved overall treatment energy efficiency, reduced equipment cost while the capacity that still increased solder to accept crack, in addition, it lowered cooling rate, improved aluminous energy coupling efficiency at the same time. Next, although equipment is more sophisticated, but the dimension of the syntonic accent that has soldering needing through reducing, of GMAW for can cost was reduced, reduced the cost of whole machine thereby. The result that wants according to place can decide feed of GMAW welding wire the position is before laser light beam or later. The means of feed of GMAW welding wire that uses formula pulling end can come true taller solder speed. GMAW welding wire is sent into the melt solder pool that laser produces, 2 energy that place of such melt welding wire need to join were reduced. In addition, when fill welding wire arrives at a rear, the electric arc of GMAW produces plasma, evaporated base material, soldering thereby predestined relationship place arose to cave before the pool. In melt solder inside the pool this caves the total depth that reduced laser light beam to must penetrate, improved penetrable performance thereby. Already had the proof with very good data, perhaps solder from spoon aperture the attenuation that the vapour particle of area eduction can bring about laser light beam (scattering and absorb) , reduce the energy of beam of light with base material coupling thereby. The scattering of 1 laser light beam and absorb reduced soldering speed and deepness. 2 sub decided particle is bigger, attenuation effect is more serious. Helium protects gas to bring size of the smallest average vapour particle. This says to understand pair of CO2 or fetch of YAG laser beam welding says, pure helium is the optimal option that controls particle bulk. We must admit, helium gas and argon gas phase are compared, really higher ionization rate and inferior plasma form voltage, but its molecular weight is lesser. Accordingly, helium protects gas to need larger velocity of flow, in order to assure the effective metallic vapour eduction that gets on method of laser light beam. The argon of unit cost prep above that enrages as a result of helium is angry, accordingly, this increased to solder in the process average every feet of cost. Restrain plasma in order to come true to optimize protective gas, eduction vapour particle and reduce unit cost, we consider to use the argon that is as high as 40-50% to enrage gas mixture. Proportion is higher, the velocity of flow that gas mixture place needs to use eduction vapour particle is less. Gas mixture still is soldering longer inert atmosphere was provided in pool solidify process, make solder thereby rate is older. It still was reduced capture aeriform quantity, as a result of,reduced thereby porous and bring discard as useless rate. Next, solidify leads reduce those who promoted the growth of grain and in-house stress to reduce, this increased fatigue strength. As a result of aspect ratio (welding line deepness / width) arise higher with subsequently stress place solder break was kept clear of almost, because the affiliation of GMAW fill metal brought about solder side width to increase,this is. In gas mixture, proper accretion a few carbon dioxide and / or oxygen, or the 2 protection gas that regards GMAW as the process them, can improve the performance of solder bead further. Helium - gas mixture produces argon easily taller electric arc voltage, corresponding gotten solder bead the appearance is wider, electric arc stability is taller also. Accordingly, the carbon dioxide that can join 3-10% will stability is delivered and contract electric arc. Below a few circumstances, the oxygen that can join 1-5% will realize excellent electric arc stability, the link with the brim is soldering to come true nicer in the meantime (soak) . Compare with photograph of carbon dioxide gas mixture, oxygen because ionization rate is inferior, thermal conductance performance is higher, offer easily wide and shallow penetrable distributing. After the gas mixture that requires quality and productivity level in the light of place is decided finally, still need a consideration how their economy carry use place. The user can mix these to protect gas through producing the spot, the liquid state argon that uses low cost supplies means. The price that why need not pay to mix high-pressured helium inflator beforehand will pay argon gas, carbon dioxide or Where is oxygen? Argon gas can pass bottle of liquid state argon to come of economy carry, contented be as high as 35, 000 cubic metre foot the month is used up, the gas mixture dosage that this amount is equivalent to every months is 87, 500 cubic metre foot. Argon can use batch supply to come to those who achieve cost level to optimize if angry lunar wastage is bigger. Still need to consider fill loss in the analysis, every months of facility cost, the contract that furnishs group by group is restricted, and freight waits an element a moment. On the other hand, helium gas is to pass high-pressured Tube Trailer commonly or steel bottle group will furnish. The mixture of the spot needs a mixture system, it can accurate adjustment the small part from 0-100% . Total quality system can pass the exit in blender to place an analyzer to realize monitoring, once mixture ratio exceeds error range, can call the police. Already had software and call the police the system can send this kind of message to desktop computer, perhaps send to farther place through fax or email. The mixture laser gas of reasonable design is deferent the system makes the user can come true taller solder speed, get taller productivity accordingly. Attention protects aeriform parameter, be like a type, discharge, with concussion angle, will rise solder quality, reduce beam of light to absorb with scattering effect. Ceaseless development is auxiliary solder technology, be like a few methods GMAW and union of laser technology photograph, make the dominant position that the user can develop two technologies, and be benefited from which. CNC Milling CNC Machining