Long knife is muti_function establish milling cutter

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Japanese day establishs tool company to roll out AST long knife muti_function establish milling cutter. This is one kind is used take bit implement the machine clip of bit is not ground again establish milling cutter, knife of this milling cutter is long for 25mm. Because cutting tool is circumferential,have cutting blade with upright ministry, can undertake so fore-and-aft, transverse and inclined to cutting, can use at lumen milling, copying, also can go up in hypostatic workpiece bore. Should establish milling cutter to have standard type (20 ~ 40mm in all dimension of 5 kinds of norms) , long handle (20 ~ 40mm, dimension of 7 kinds of norms) with specialty handle model (26 ~ 40mm, ) of dimension of 3 kinds of norms. CNC Milling CNC Machining