Horizontal machines machine Vc integratedly

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Introductive: The workpiece claimed accuracy that machines in recent years has taller and taller tendency, because this horizontal machines machine Vcenter integratedly - the B axis that H500 place configures can divide those who be tall tigidity, high accuracy for a time B axis, apply to average heavy cut, additionally 1/1000 spends B axis, can make four-axle be machined at the same time, collocation is newest Haidehan is absolutely ± of error of precision of type optics feet, fixed position inside 5 seconds, time of circumgyrate station location falls to 0.

2 seconds / degree, increase fixed position precision and long-term precision stability considerably. APC is not handling time to adopt circumgyrate form to shorten fast workbench exchanges an orgnaization, two workbench exchange is finished, time needs 9 seconds only, can combine FMS, FMC to promote nobody to change working hours, reduce labour cost considerably. One, rotate ★ of workbench orgnaization introduction basically distinguishs reach axis of one thousandth degrees of B for axis of 1 degree of B, this definition is to take the smallest break up angle and B axis precision to have nothing to do. ★ for a time the cutting that B axis applies to the fixed angle that is angle of unit fixed position for a time, if secure the bore of angle, milling commonly,reach pair of evade. ★ axis of B of one thousandth degrees of intersected: Break up angle to be less than for a time cutting, can do successive whirl cutting, if machine cam, corkscrewed yarn. For a time B axis and one thousandth degrees of B axes express Normal Align=center> Normal Align=center> to locate precision of means Normal Align=center> controls Normal Align=center> to locate precision Normal Align=center> locates stability of Normal Align=center> rigid Normal Align=center> ages clutch ages one thousandth degrees of oil pressure place beautiful of Normal Align=center> of beautiful of 1" Normal Align=center> of ± of 5" Normal Align=center> of ± of clutch precision Normal Align=center> for a time repeatedly quite the ± of 10" Normal Align=center> of ± of resolution Normal Align=center> that opposes optical rule, because communicate efficiency tall, transmission twists muscularity, rub bad news is lesser, accordingly occlusive rate rises, also promote cutting efficiency relatively. Because use,change lead worm, be by whorl of small and big advance gradually type, should use for a long time create gap of the generation between worm and worm wheel, as long as horizontal stroke of worm face axis sidelong moves, can adjust tine unoccupied place, raise precision again. The tine teeth of a cogwheel of ★ gear case is unoccupied place collect eccentric shafe means to adjust. ★ bearing is used (THK) bearing, this bearing is the bearing of high accuracy class, reason can achieve needs precision. ★ clip runs locking system, use oil pressure clip to hold a crock, use clamp of fluctuation impaction means. ★ is in when holding position without clip, can use when servo axis, can rotate treatment. 3, norms expresses Normal Align=center>NO.

α of FANUC of motor type of servo of 500normal Align=center>2 of × of Mm500 of mesa of job of Normal Align=center>1 of norms of Normal Align=center> of unit of Normal Align=center> of Normal Align=center> project gear ratio of 22 / 2000normal Align=center>3 the smallest graduation spends 1 ╱ 120normal Align=center>4 0.

001normal Align=center>5 is minutely R of the biggest rotate speed.



66normal Align=center>6 breaks up precision second (Sec) bright learns feet ± 5 seconds do not have optical feet ± 10 seconds Normal Align=center>7 is the biggest torsional Kgf of brake of work load Kg800normal Align=center>8.

M1000normal Align=center>9 rotates machine Kgf of force of the biggest cutting.

60normal Align=center>11 of ㎡ of C of / of Kgf of actuating pressure of M800normal Align=center>10 oil pressure is suttle (contain motor tray) Kg900 4, program of clamp of airtight of tray fixed position 5, this orgnaization of APC orgnaization ★ collects oil pressure crock to pass transmission gear rack to rotate elevator compose, make APC obtains work automatic exchange offers Chu Zhimo piece (following graph) . Sequence of ★ APC action: Horizontal rotates the smallest graduation amounts to workbench 0.

001 degrees, and the addition that precision does not follow use duration and change, every rotate workbench all has done strict movement and precision test, assure abiding movement degree of belief, workbench exchanges a system to use the circumgyrate form with commutative shorter time to exchange means, workbench exchanges a system to be able to improve work efficiency, the person that use is in assemble and unassemble of an aspirant travel workpiece assemble and unassemble, the treatment movement of the movement that assemble and unassemble and machine can undertake at the same time. Offer two workbench A/B, make the client can match different standard is treated use, while when A of machine stage inside the project carries out treatment, handlers can change side to change at waiting for B project adds workpiece, in the light of the client need makes batch change, the quantity is produced change, poor dissimilation, offer taller motor-driven function conformity to raise machine stage to produce can, offer quicker solution, can let a client shorten time of work air officer, switchboard of circumgyrate type job can shorten considerably be not handling time, high speed changes a quantity to produce change maneuverability to be able to come true. Stability of stage of the efficiency that makes switchboard to promote automatic industry again, machine, ensure treatment precision, with more accord with automation, diversification, high accuracy, successive treatment is ceaseless now the treatment requirement of machine, because this is aimed at original function to analyse, accuse to the drill of machine stage considering the client in the future gender, security, expanding, and make work in the future the convenient sex that takes maintenance, in it is premise with this under, make switchboard in order to seek new technical application to automatic labour, there can be more when promoting product efficiency and choose of additional value reelection machining center opportunity yuan change, efficient choice, also of quality of by means of promote up, can let a client love to use the machine station of Taichun essence machine more, besides the side the client creates business chance, yi Ke creates more gaining profit with helping a company, in order to achieve double win. CNC Milling CNC Machining