3M nylon annulus the application in hardware industry

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In hardware industry, the processing technique of metallic surface basically has play chromium of silk, plating, in season arenaceous wait for a method. Among them the trend that the surface helps silk becoming popularity. Pulling silk is to pass abrade strain line is formed in workpiece surface, rise to decorate the method of a kind of finishing of the effect. Current, in home appliance, ambry, Wei Yu the domain such as things of product, cuisine, lock used the processing that pull silk widely. Although produce manufacturer dimensions because of making a living,the differ and creates every manufacturer in be being produced actually facility pulling silk of volume of different, product and appearance is having very big difference, but its job principle is basic and similar. Because abrade product is direct action at pressing filar face, so abrade product is having tremendous effect to playing filar effect. Arenaceous belt mixes 3M pyramid nylon annulus range of products is the good product that undertakes metallic surface pulls silk. The new generation that 3M company goes in the research and development on platform of small duplicate technology is abrade product -- pyramid product improved abrade product greatly from acute sex and consistency, the consistency that made sure arenaceous belt plays filar effect and but repeatability. Graph the product of 3M Trizact pyramid below 1 microscope pursues the common besmear below 2 microscope adds abrasive pyramid product to be in with its unique three-dimensional and stereo structure assured to pull filar effect consistency while, still prolonged the service life of arenaceous belt greatly. Filar application is drawn in hardware in, 3M pyramid is arenaceous containing wide application. 3M pyramid product has the product of alumina abrasive to have the product of carborundum abrasive again already; Have already suit to do the product that grind, have the product that can cooperate cooling fluid to use again. Partial product and application see next tables 1. The product that the applied choice Nextpage that expresses 1 pyramid product uses additionally one kind at hardware to pull silk is nylon abrade product. 3M nylon is abrade the product is the high quality product that pull silk, its play filar effect beautiful and even, suit large area to pull silk. 3M nylon is abrade the product basically comprises by 3 element: Fiber, abrasive and glue. By 3 person open mode construction of composition makes its are had stick goodly take gender and medicinal powder hot sex and prevent admirably jam function. The surface that suits to be used in the light metal such as aluminium alloy and magnesium alloy particularly pulls silk. 3M regards nylon as abrade product get army company, the nylon that develops whole set to get used to diverse use demand is abrade product. Filar application the Communist Party of China is pulled to abrade product of 3 kinds of big nylon can offer a choice to use in hardware industry, mix for round brush of nylon arenaceous belt, nylon namely nylon is abrade annulus. Arenaceous belt applies nylon very extensive, according to strain line degree of finish, accident different, the nylon arenaceous area that can choose the granuality such as CRS, MED, VFN, SFN respectively. Nylon round brush also is hardware products pull silk go up beautiful choice, like be the same as nylon arenaceous belt, nylon round brush also has all ready granuality and dimension to choose to use for the client. 3M nylon is abrade annulus having all ready sort, granuality and hardness to be able to offer an alternative. For instance common LD, EXL, CP, GP, MF is waited a moment. These products have corundum and carborundum not only two kinds of abrasive can offer an alternative, at the same time still different hardness and dimension can offer an alternative. To the attribute of wheel, 3M has whole label system, for instance EXL 8S FIN 8 ' × 1 ' × 3 ' , the sort that those who point to is this wheel is EXL, hardness level is 8, abrasive is carborundum (if be A,be alumina) , dimension information is from the back, the first number is to show the diameter of wheel is 8 inches, the ply that what the 2nd number points to is wheel is 1 inch, the 3rd number shows the internal diameter of wheel is 3 inches. Just as its name implies, LD is the abbreviate of English Light Deburring, namely slight go the meaning of burr. But it also is hardware likewise pull silk go up beautiful choice. EXL annulus, the name makes clear a kind to it is namely very exceedingly good (Excellent) abrade annulus. Often also use actually as hardware pull silk. CP annulus, namely Cut And Polish, cutting and polish; GP annulus, namely General Purpose, general-purpose abrade annulus. MF annulus, namely Metal Finishing is abrade annulus, the metal pulls silk. Nylon is abrade annulus it is OK that a medium application is drawn in hardware the watch below the basis has initial choice. Express 2 nylon abrade annulus choice nylon is abrade product besides above abrade annulus beyond, still have product of a lot of other. So how to use these products? Our exemple chose a few common forms that pull silk here. Sketch map of structure of product of Nextpage3M Scotch-Brite nylon is in these forms that pull silk, no matter flat pulls silk,we see, trigonometry pulls silk or roller is brushed pull silk, we can use 3M nylon product, in order to achieve the different result that pull silk. Flat pulls silk, triangle to pull arenaceous belt of silk, vertical to pull silk to be able to use pyramid product, can play the effect that as arenaceous as the tradition belt differs completely. The effect pulling silk that next graphs are generation of nylon round brush. Pursue among them 9-1 is to use 3M 8 inch 7A MED is in below the 1500RPM rotate speed, condition that changes without change stainless steel board on acquisition result; Graph 9-2 is to use 3M 8 inch 5S SFN is in below the 1500RPM rotate speed, condition that changes without change stainless steel board on acquisition result; Graph 9-3 is to use 3M 8 inch 7S VFN is in below the 1500 rotate speed, requirement that change is moved stainless steel board on acquisition result. Generally speaking, if want to acquire long and straight strain line, should use higher rate to shut change to move. If want to acquire short strain line, should open change to move, install appropriate frequency. Because play filar effect,reveal an user directly, because this pair helps the opinion of filar effect,have huge subjective sex. 3 example revealed as above face to play filar effect differently, their itself does not have the cent of actor bad, just satisfied the requirement of different client. Believe the development as the times and people are aesthetic the change of appeal, can still the varied effect that pull silk abounds hardware product, beautification our life. CNC Milling CNC Machining