Plastic mould design develops CAE technology inevitable trend

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The mould is the important tooling that produces all sorts of industry products, be in as the rapid development of plastic industry and plastic products aviation, boat too, the promotion application of the industrial department such as electron, mechanical, shipping and car, the product is more and more expensive to the requirement of the mould, traditional pattern designs a method to already cannot suit to the product changes and raise the requirement of quality. Computer assists a project (CAE) the most effective by way of that the technology already made these weak point in design of plastic product development, mould and product treatment. Design photograph comparing with traditional pattern, no matter CAE technology is improving productivity, assure product quality, still reducing cost, reduce the respect such as labor intensity, have very big advantage. The United States appears on the market company Moldflow company is major pursues Injection MoldingCAE software and company of to inquire and consult, since issueing the first flow to analyse software 1976 oneself, all the time dominant is plastic shape CAE software market. In last few years, got applied extensively in the domain such as communication of car, home appliance, electron, chemical industry and commodity. Before using CAE technology to be able to be machined in the mould, undertake to process of whole Injection Molding on computer analogy is analysed, accurate the fill that forecasts fuse-element, protect pressure, cooling circumstance, and the stress in goods distributings, element and fiber orientaton distributing, the circumstance such as the systole of goods and warpage, so that the architect can discover a problem as early as possible, revise in time make design with the mould, is not when after trying a model again repair mould. This is breakthrough that devises a method to traditional pattern not only, and discard as useless to decreasing to avoid mould repair even, raise goods to measure and reduce cost to wait character, having great technical economy sense. The design of plastic mould not only should use CAD technology, and use CAE technology even. This is the inevitable trend of development. Injection Molding divides a level, develop namely / design phase (include design of products plan, mould and mould to make) with stage of production (include to buy material, try model and shape) . The traditional method that note model is to be before formal production, because design personnel to design a pattern by experience and intuition, the mould assembles ending after, normally need tries a model a few times, discover problem after, need to set craft parameter afresh not only, still need to modify plastic products and mould design even, this certainly will raises manufacturing cost, lengthen product development cycle. Use CAE technology, can replace completely try a model, CAE technology offerred the complete solution that devises production from goods, before the mould is made, forecast plastic fuse-element to be in model in antrum whole shape process, the help grinds sentence potential problem, prevent problem happening effectively, shortened greatly development cycle, reduce manufacturing cost. In recent years, CAE technology increases increasingly in the importance in Injection Molding domain, use CAE technology to be able to solve the problem that appears in Injection Molding process in the round. (Information source: China mechanically-laid web) CNC Milling CNC Machining