Shen Chong makes garden of casting forging course of study 380 million yuan

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Recently, heavy group company decided Shenyang to cover an area of an area to amount to 280 thousand square metre, investment 3.

Garden of course of study of forging of casting of 800 million yuan of construction plans. Garden of course of study of this casting forging will weigh hot-working be a foundation with Shenyang, smelt metal of electric machinery of integrated Shenyang water pump, Shenyang, Shenyang repairs those who wait for an enterprise to cast, casting forge, heat treatment wait for fundamental craft and form. This project will be in Shenyang Tie Xixin start working of Ou Daqing countryside, after a year, this industry garden will become international the modern casting forge with top-ranking, northeast the largest area produces advanced, country base. CNC Milling CNC Machining