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In plastic treatment process, online monitoring is to assure the product quality, important segment that reduces waste. Be aimed at the need of different stock and product, if ultrasonic, laser or other are advanced,equipment supplier is used test technology, promote the production of the goods such as plastic pipe material, sheet and film efficiency. When laser measures a technology to promote treatment efficiency to should undertake plastic products produces big lot, the control of product measure matters to the management cost of the enterprise directly. When material of the canal that make, use Germany Xikela (measure systematic PRECILENGTH 6000 what SIKORA) company develops with the length that provides the material that reach a canal at glue, can undertake online blame contact is measured. This system is applicable measure at what push a circular product. Its reach its to move through measuring the form that decides a product, be calculated with this the product length of a production. PRECILENGTH 6000 uses optics to measure a principle, among them 2 laser diode and combination of two image sensor, ordinal arrange. When the product carries sensor of the 1st image, sensor records the shadow of product figure, when the product figure that records when the first sensor carries the 2nd sensor, exposure of sensor of the 2nd image. The appearance spy a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale that records in two sensor so is identical. Computation between the late delay time of exposure of the 2nd sensor, complete by two outline special the relevant result of a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale undertakes controlling, so, PRECILENGTH 6000 can measure the length that the glue of a production is in charge of or provides material accurately. Use frequency to move principle, namely alleged " Doppler effect " conventional test device is applicable at planar material measure, be like paper, armor plate or fabric, but the profile that does not suit to measure the surface to be circle or abnormity. PRECILENGTH is calculated through image contrast length, also can measure circular product and surface reliably to be the product of abnormity. In addition, had begun to measure below speed of 0 product line, no matter the product is before travel or withdrawal do not affect length gauge to calculate. It is OK that in be in charge of in glue and be in charge of material to jam a product line, length measurement unit is used considerably managing cost. If one squeezes the gum that gives product line to provide production value,be 30 million euro / year, through controlling a product length can achieve additional earnings. If deliver the goods,length decreases only 0.

The loss of 1% , but managing 30 thousand euro. Outside dividing length, laser also can measure the thickness of plastic product with Wu Ce. Bach of Swiss company intermediate (Zumbach) rolls out measuring instrument of laser of ODAC of odd axis of type of module of a complete set of, this machine uses newest laser scanning technology, can install already go up in course wearing, also can use as component. It deserves to have alone transmitter and receiver unit, can install neatly, convenient user is used. Use an occasion according to differring, many transmitter can be installed in aleatoric position / receiver is right, through high accuracy Yuan Xinguang learns a system, right bigger adjustable product clearance undertakes much axis checks. You Wuan outfit is unlimited, and can use a variety of configuration, these measuring instruments are so usable in making technology at system of ownership, include: Canal of cable, glue and profile those who wait is crowded piece; Iron and steel and metal machine industry: Staff capable person, canal material is the drawing that wait, abrade reach cold rolling and hot-rolling; The nondestructive check line of all sorts of products; Food industry is packed mediumly, casing; Of large canal material squeeze piece. Its advantage has: Scanning rate is high, be as high as 2000 times / second; Precision is tall, reappearance is good; The structure is solid, compact; Have a variety of measurement mode, wait like width of diameter, clearance, penetration and the measurement of a variety of products; Can offer structure of special beam of light (look model and decide) measure with what wait at outline and profile; Have compositive have processor (RS, ethernet, profibus DP) or the type that receive a variety of long-range processor repeatedly, use Wu Gong art to control SPC and SQC data to collect etc. Supersonic technology is measurable multilayer be in charge of car of paper-thin block secondary floor to reach a lot of other industry departments to be opposite multilayer the product has extremely high demand. Multilayer the manufacturing technology of the product is very sophisticated, if canal of glue of apply the brake and floor radiate heating heat,be in charge of, often need to set paper-thin block secondary floor and functional layer in providing material, the mechanical function that makes be in charge of material and conduit to obtain a provision and be able to bear or endure chemical function. Block secondary floor can hold back oxygen to wait enter pipeline, or prevent volatile ingredient oozy conduit. To reduce cost, want to reduce the thickness of block secondary floor as far as possible below the premise that contented ply asks. Be opposite in producing a course only the wall is large undertake controlling ability to accomplish this. Of traditional supersonic measurement technique measure the limit to be about 0.

2mm, nevertheless, german INOEX company offerred a kind recently new measure a technology, its are the smallest measure the limit to be able to be achieved 0.

05 Mm. Base at old experience and innovation concept, INOEX company grew to exceed sound measurement technology further. The functional layer that cannot measure in the past and block secondary floor can pass intelligence now the algorithm with new union of supersonic sensor technology and number measure a technology to undertake be controllinged accurately. Although the wall is in charge of the data of material paper-thinly to also can be recorded accurately, can achieve extremely high security and quality requirement so. Before, exceeding sound measurement principle is base measure at what transmit time inside the product to ultrasonic. Now, pass digitlization to be able to record all signal, improved the quality that evaluate and tackles further to signal so. All signal that uses a record can make measure a result to have extremely tall precision, obtain the complete information of the product. Full automatic optical testing system is full automatic optical inspection system already was become assure a product the important monitoring method of 100% qualification. New technology width of cloth checks a technology to use line scanning camera to spot the defect on width of cloth or sheet. Get picture by camera of high resolution number, with special smooth module reliable ground explores the blemish of tall, low contrast. after identifying software undertakes discriminating to these blemish, and classify is gel, shading, contamination, fold, bleb to wait. Use this to examine a system, the applied experience of company of recombine ISRA VISION, can reduce waste effectively. This technology is applicable at all coiling material and sheet, especially filmy, layer adds up to Fu of product, besmear and metallization film and strong sheet. ISRA VISION checks a system to be below extremely high birth rate, have wonderful blemish picture resolution. Use detailed blemish picture to be able to undertake discriminating accurately to blemish, search the account of generation, reduce blemish thereby, improve quality. Search the account that produces to blemish quickly, can eliminate flaw quickly thereby. Through be opposite width of cloth, roll / piece the blemish inside undertakes be classifieded accurately can in time be keepinged apart. Additional, if before gel can be being machined further, the special blemish that a few meetings lower manufacturing rate discovers and eliminate. Use advanced blemish to identify a function, spot defect OK and accurately, quickly. Advanced identifying software has self-study function, can mix to the form of blemish, appearance, contrast other character undertakes contrast. Operation personnel is used identify software to be able to undertake modulatory to craft, prevent blemish to arise again. Right at when considering a province, the manufacturer of be economical, can configure powerful software tool to examine a system. The user can use package of software of Enterprise Data Mining Software, press statistical report date / type of date of time, batch, blemish, product type or order are right the statistic of blemish data, undertake raw material analysis, craft is improved optimize with craft. The blemish data of each machines can be shared in different spot. Its advantage is the user can get quantifying information accurately quickly. Can answer means in order to be not to adopt beforehand according to data change trend correct measure and optimize defend a plan, extend the normal run time of the machine with this, reduce percent defective. Enterprise Data Mining Software can be mixed with many product line manufacturing site joint, produce line data to undertake comparative at opposite. This kind of agile software package does not need to undertake grooming to using personnel, the user can define its statistic report oneself. Statistical report can use Adobe PDF format to be pressed through email beforehand of set send list automatic. Square once upon a time office can share statistical data to the administrator that produces a workshop. Such OK and spare time, the manual data that replaces high cost analyses a process. In addition, control a government implement can control width of cloth to be in beforehand the blemish place of set stops. The normal run time that the system with this kind of powerful function can extend a machine, raise yield, reduce waste. CNC Milling CNC Machining