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Hill tall cutting tool rolls out a complete aperture to machine a concept, include to get cut, bore with a reamer is cut and boring. Rely on the high quality cutting tool of these 3 all respects and technical know-how, this concept can attend from 0.

All 3 aperture to 2155 millimeter machine demand. Come for years, hill adds labour application high in challenge aperture all the time, seek the means that can satisfy client requirement better. It is to need to grow no matter and the difficult treatment material of the small lot production of flexibility of the big batch treatment of the cutting tool life that can predict, requirement or requirement craft security, hill tall cutting tool has a solution. The technical special skill or knowledge of the power of research and development with high hill and metallic cutting is developed ceaselessly new-style and yield more solutions. Of course, its are main the target is to enhance competition ability. Hill tall cutting tool can be in charge of aperture machining each respects of the process now, include to solve difficulty, special skill and through one-stop management, support kimono Wu simplifies operation flow. Forming entire new hole to machine 3 domains of the concept is: Head of boring of hill tall EPB is enclothed whole from 0.

The diametical limits of 3-2155. These cutting tool can realize positional precision, bore diameter precision and flexibility. The diameter adjusts an amount but low to 2 micron. Auger cut a product to include bit of Feedmax whole hard alloy, can change head style Crownloc imperial crown is gotten and Perfomax but broach of dislocation razor blade, cover the diametical range of 2-85mm. The design of angle of geometry of the film that relies on optimization, point of a knife and razor blade, these broach can offer the Kong Hegao productivity of high quality for all sorts of application and workpiece material. Precimaster can change head type reamer and Bifix/Precifix but dislocation reamer is opposite is perfect for production of high-powered treatment and big batch. Inside the diametical limits of 4-60mm, the cutting material of optimization pledges all sorts of grade and chamfer material offer tall productivity. It how be successful? Imperial crown of the Feedmax with tall hill, Crownloc is gotten or Perfomax is used at getting to cut a diameter the aperture from 2-85mm, accuracy class arrives from IT8 IT12. To casting aperture, use thick boring or treatment of half essence boring normally, and boring cutter of bridge board type and Jumbo are giant the treatment that boring cutter of bridge board type uses at big diameter aperture. Finally, the aperture of high quality needs to use bore with a reamer to cut get finish machining cutting tool to undertake machining with boring, accuracy class can achieve IT5 to IT7. CNC Milling CNC Machining