The implementation on machine is measured quickly in coordinate

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Measure in coordinate machine (CMM) on the main obstacle that implementation measures quickly is a spare parts the dynamic error of the generation in measuring a process. In measure, the athletic inertia of CMM mobile component is mixed in different athletic speed will make CMM controller is inside different working area below acceleration the dynamic error that generation size differs. This kind of dynamic error affects what already machined a spare parts badly to measure precision, and its formation is very complex and unpredictable. A typical simple means of settlement is to make CMM is in the very slow movement rod that produces inertial effect scarcely undertakes metrical below floating rate. But, also can choose very rapid floating rate to undertake metrical on existing CMM, although dynamic error begins,be unpredictable. Because people discovers in measuring practice,this is, below same condition, the dynamic error that arises to place of next spare parts from a spare parts is constant changeless. In addition, the dynamic error that has regularity is OK idea eliminates. The measurement to raise CMM efficiency and the high accuracy that assure to measure, the carry on of manufacturer Lei Ni that CMM surveys head and control system (Renishaw) the company is analysed according to above, development went a kind the name is " Renscan DC " fast measurement technique. When developing new measurement technique, they are in through parting slow fast with the real measure that measures a part below two times quickly, have earnings result trade off study, they discover the gauges a result difference below two kinds of different speed is worth, the dynamic error that as it happens is equal to the athletic inertia that arises when the choice on CMM is measured quickly to make CMM controller arises is worth. Had result of sex of this one conclusion, can mix to the 2nd from the back all spare partses undertake fast nicety is measured. Measure the undesirable effect of generation to nicety to eliminate dynamic error, in be measured quickly, used the dynamic error compensation that designs technically for its to measure an order. Make the spare parts measures the precision that attains ideal. The proposal needs to master the following principles in measure: This kind of measurement technique applies to same part to be measured of date for many times only; Cannot measure this part medium dynamic error to analyse a graph to apply at another spare parts, also cannot apply at same a spare parts in CMM different outfit is placed locally measure. To the entire part of same part date, can choose to be in identical measurement undertakes metrical below the condition, this makes managing and many time becomes a possibility. For example, use dynamic error compensation to measure a program to measure the housing of V8 engine, need to cost only former and common 17% what measure time. "Renscan DC " on the product of series of UCC of all-purpose CMM controller that measures a law to had been used at new development of company of Lei Ni carry on quickly. Introduce according to this company, because the function of this product is more powerful, have good market prospect, already labelled its the company so most get attention main product. Next hard the target is to continue to reduce manufacturing cost, enlarge the market further, increase sale. CNC Milling CNC Machining