The efficient and high grade solder that bury arc

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-- Miller buries arc solder technology to be in the applied emperor of steel structure processing factory - the balance that processing factory of Qiao Zhigang structure carries use Miller is adjustable type communication square wave buries arc to solder power source improved productivity greatly. Emperor - exclusive proprietary balances the welder of Summit Arc 1250TM that processing factory of George structure steel forces electric production company through using rice adjustable technology of type communication square wave, make weld time shortened not only 60% , solder quality gets rising, need not fear overmuch heat is inputted again more, solder to be out of shape and reduce tenacity, solder line is complete solder is appeared, detect through X- ray entirely (if pursue 1) . Graph the emperor with tired Chinese ink of Australia of cross section of 1 solder road - equipment company establishs north of processing factory of Qiao Zhigang structure already 50 old, achieve American mechanical engineer to learn level of standard U and R grade, can provide high grade product, reasonable price and considerate and seasonable service for the user. Emperor - processing factory of Qiao Zhigang structure makes big, heavy-duty weldment with treatment famed, manufacturing product includes canister of wind tower, high pressure, oven, container, oilcan and cistern to wait. Eliminate damage using Miller the balance is adjustable type communication square wave buries arc to solder before the technology, emperor - Qiao Zhigang processing factory uses dc positive pole all the time sexual pole or arc welding of negative pole sex, monofilament solders was in the past those who use is exclusive one kind solders method (if pursue 2) . Graph 2 in-house flange solder monofilament dc buries arc to solder the manufacturing engineering capability that restricted a processing factory. The likelihood meets the factory bet the look only at below one of 3 main variable: Tall frit Fu is led, solder ideally frit reachs input of inferior low quantity of heat greatly. Arc welding of dc anode sex is a kind of solder law that makes electric current flows to workpiece from electrode, in this solder law, need undertakes warm-up to workpiece, and warm-up degree wants prep above electrode. This kind solders the method can be formed in solder foot position deeper solder frit is deep assure to clear goodly the effect. However, efficiency of this method v is low, hot input is tall, do not suit longer the high speed of welding line solders, also do not suit to solder changeful body work (like oilcan) with heat treatment material (like 4130, 4140) . Exceeding hot input may make action of dilute of metal of mother capable person increases, the alloy composition scale that drops welding line, produce crackle more easily also. The attenuant effect that arc welding of sex of dc negative pole can reduce metal of mother capable person and weldment metabolic problem. However, because quantity of heat flows to electrode from armor plate, this meeting brings about solder path frit is deep insufficient. Rate of v of arc welding of dc anode sex is higher, but below small electric current weldability is differred. Reduce manufacturing efficiency only, this kind of circumstance just can be improved somewhat (if pursue 3) . Graph layer of 4 3 carapace solders accordingly emperor of proposal of company of equipment supplier Airgas-Intermountain - processing factory of Qiao Zhigang structure introduces rice to strap Summit Arc 1250 to bury arc welding machine. This kind " complete craft " system of the solder that bury arc is hand in / dc output, the of short duration below 1000A/44V carries rate for 100% , and power source is input of three-phase alternating current source. Most important is, this welder is emperor - George structure steel offerred a new trouble to handle a tool. The balance is adjustable type square wave solders the problem that power source can solve common dc to bury arc solder to cause, to emperor - the losing scale to control armor plate and electrode hot input that such processing factory can output weaveform through adjusting measures George structure steel. Should solder the method can be ensured following two kinds in 3 kinds of attribute, is a kind not just. The solderer can realize the frit Fu efficiency with bigger deep, taller frit and smaller heat to input a quantity. Rice straps welder to be emperor - utmost ground realized plant of Qiao Zhigang construction to solder manufacturing optimization, the EP that optimal balance matchs is 66%~40% solders or the EN of 34%~60% solders. 12 inches of crust need to raise yield when Wu of replace of a large solder when, emperor - plant of Qiao Zhigang construction added 4 Miller Summit Arc 1250 buries system of arc welding machine. This task need grows × wide × is thick for 5/8in of × of 40ft × 10ft (1ft=12in=304.

8mm) carbolic stencil steel makes a diameter be 12ft (1ft=304.

8mm) cylinder. Press the makings below dimension with machine of a Plasma Cutting above all, go up in reel machine then roll into a big cylinder. Add up to fore-and-aft juncture solder with MIG solder, make cylinder form housing. Welding line up, external welding line is used bury arc to solder, next housing retroflexions 180, internally welding line undertakes soldering, in order to assure 100% solder frit is deep. This working procedure uses dc to bury arc solder craft. However, because of solder the growth of fast requirement, technical personnel plan employs a balance in next treatment working procedure adjustable communicating square wave welder art. Issue a working procedure to want a norms to be 2-1/2in (1in=25.

4mm) flange and base case solder are together, receive small flange and solder of additionally 3 housing again then. Solder after ending, the housing department branch with tall 10ft is together repeatedly, form a successive 40ft encrust body. Welding line must along every housing periphery by inside outside reaching, undertake soldering. To assure to finish this one job, emperor - George processing factory assembled system of a posture, this system places cylinder go up in a base tubal account, follow through a group use system of cylinder of cam mechanism roll, this system can maintain point of view is unanimous between cylinder and solder but repeatability is operated (if pursue 4) . Graph 4 exterior solder equipment of such welder of a Summit Arc 1250 can solder already of housing inside welding line, can solder again the welding line outside housing. Technical personnel decorated a converter, allow to solder operation in 2 Miller HDC 1500 controls a system, RAD sends silk package, transition has between welding flux funnel and OBT 1200 welding torch. Solder the component is placed in work platform coping, the welding line outside soldering (mix last the first times) , another solders the component is placed use on workshop ground solder inside welding line (if pursue 5) . Two solder greatly the component all can swing at will, the shift that makes fluctuation from beginning to end with benefit at soldering of the position decide definitely. Graph 5 assemble platen, assemble frame reach component sending silk the consistency that this assembles a stage to be able to assure to assemble, at the same time still a few assist device, can eliminate the machine down time when welding line of inside and outside is changed, if move assembles a stage to come over, rotate reach the designated position, undertake soldering operating after that. Save the weld time of 60% to go to flange solder housing (if pursue 6) on need is mixed in cylinder interior exterior undertake soldering (set housing board by certain bevel, the two weldment warm-up that solders need comes 93 ℃ ) . Use DC EP dc to outputting the solder that bury arc, need 5 to solder, solder fast it is 15in/min on average, welding wire norms is 5/32inAWS EM12K. And use same kind of welding wire, employ a balance adjustable communicating square wave craft, parameter is 66%EN +34%EP, welder of Summit Arc 1250 needs 3 to solder only, average solder fast for 22in/min. Graph 6 housing view with 15in/min solder fast solder the cylinder that a diameter is 12ft need 60min, use craft of old-style DC EP to solder same housing needs 300min the least. To make sure the temperature between the layer is unapt too tall, housing still needs time to undertake cooling, so actual operation time still may be met longer. And the balance is adjustable type square wave solders craft needs 123min only, and operate hot input measure small, solder talk is little, need not await weldment refrigeration, use solder dose is little. Hot input quantity is exorbitant will cause various problems, if the weldment when refrigeration is contractive, according to the regulation housing allows tolerancepublic errand to be 1/4in. Solder in use dc when craft, if do not control the temperature between good layer, flange can be head and shoulders above formulary public errand because of drawing phenomenon, will be orthogonal no longer between flange and housing, and not recoverable. Iceberg one horn because the run time of housing project is limited, emperor - personnel of technology of plant of Qiao Zhigang construction solders newly without adequately dug systematic feasibility. Should solder what the system can do is more than these, use this kind of craft general for example the armor plate butt joint with two thick 5/8in, every solder together, can come true of 100% solder frit is deep, assure to solder at the same time exterior width has 3/4in only. Need not need groove so, avoid to waste the input with solder material and overmuch generation. Another technology upgrades even if Miller's number makes up form HDC controller, this controller can be set beforehand and the lock solders 12 sets surely program. Emperor - controller of plant of Qiao Zhigang construction expresses, make up form HDC controller through using Miller's number, can solder for what the client offers high quality not only, and the quality stability that can assure whole job flow. Through beforehand set locks up calm job parameter, go to these parameter application after that in working flow. Besides time of can managing operation, miller buries arc solder automatically to solder the technology still can make steel structure factory productivity is stronger, enhance the market competition ability of the product greatly then. CNC Milling CNC Machining