The choice of cutting tool and cutting dosage are decided really

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The choice of cutting tool and cutting dosage are the serious content in CNC Machining craft surely really, it affects the treatment efficiency of numerical control machine tool not only, and immediate impact machines quality. The development of CAD/CAM technology, make the design data that uses CAD directly in CNC Machining becomes a possibility, especially the connection of personal computer and numerical control machine tool, make the whole process of program of design, technology and process designing whole finish on the computer, do not need to output special craft file commonly. Now, a lot of CAD/CAM software packages provide function of automatic process designing, these software are the concerned problem that plans in craft of the clew in process designing interface commonly, for instance, dosage of program of method of cutting tool choice, treatment, cutting set, process designing personnel should set the parameter that concern only, can create NC program automatically and transmit complete treatment to numerical control machine tool. Accordingly, the cutting tool choice in CNC Machining and cutting dosage are finished below interactive condition certainly, this and treatment of general accuracy machine tool form bright contrast, also ask process designing personnel must master the basic principle with cutting tool choice and cutting affirmatory dosage at the same time, in the characteristic of mature CNC Machining when process designing. The article chooses to decide with cutting dosage the problem undertook discussing to the cutting tool that must face in numerical control process designing, gave out a certain number of principles and proposal, undertook discussion to the problem that should note. One, the sort of CNC Machining commonly used cutting tool and cutting tool of CNC Machining of   of characteristic     must get used to numerical control machine tool high speed, efficient with the characteristic with automation high rate, should include knife handle of general cutting tool, general join to reach a few special knife handle commonly. Knife handle wants connection cutting tool and install go up in machine tool head, already was standardized gradually accordingly and seriation. The classification of numerical control cutting tool has a variety of methods. Can divide according to cutting tool structure for: ① rectifies form of characters or letters; ② sets pattern, use solder or join of machine clip type, machine clip type can be divided again for not dislocation and but dislocation two kinds; ③ special type, be like complex formula cutting tool, damping type cutting tool. It is according to making the data that cutting tool place uses can divide: Cutting tool of ① high-speed steel; ② hard alloy cutting tool; ③ diamond cutting tool; Cutting tool of ④ other data, if cubic nitrogen turns boracic cutting tool, cutting tool of pottery and porcelain. Can divide from cutting craft for: ① turning cutting tool, especially round, inside cutting tool of aperture, whorl, cut a variety of; ② getting cuts cutting tool, include broach, reamer, tap to wait; ③ boring cutting tool; ④ milling cutting tool. Move durably to cutting tool, steadily, easily to get used to numerical control machine tool, can change the requirement that wait, in last few years machine clip type but dislocation cutting tool receives wide application, the 30% ~ that achieve cutting tool of whole numerical control on the amount 40% , the 80% ~ that the metal excises a quantity to hold sum total 90% . The cutting tool photograph that uses on numerical control cutting tool and general accuracy machine tool is compared, have a lot of diverse demands, basically have the following characteristic: ⑴ tigidity is good (especially rough machining cutting tool) , precision is tall, fight brace up reach heat to be out of shape small; ⑵ interchangeability is good, facilitate change a knife quickly; ⑶ life is tall, cutting function is stable, reliable; The dimension of ⑷ cutting tool facilitates adjust, with reducing the settling time that change a knife; ⑸ cutting tool should break bits reliably or coil bits, with benefit at cutting bits eliminate; ⑹ seriation, standardization, manage at process designing and cutting tool with benefit. 2, the chooses     cutting tool choice of CNC Machining cutting tool has below the interactive condition of numerical control process designing. Should the element is correct related dosage of working procedure of the function of material of the process capability according to the machine tool, workpiece, treatment, cutting and other choose cutting tool and knife handle. Cutting tool chooses total principle is: Installation is adjusted convenient, tigidity is good, durability and precision are tall. Below the premise that asks in contented treatment, choose shorter knife handle as far as possible, in order to raise the tigidity that cutting tool machines. When choosing cutting tool, should make the dimension of cutting tool and be gotten used to by the exterior dimension photograph of treatment workpiece. In production, the treatment of outline of cincture of week of planar spare parts, often use establish milling cutter; When milling is planar, should choose milling cutter of hard alloy razor blade; When machining protruding stage, groove, choose high-speed steel to establish milling cutter; When machining semifinished product surface or rough machining aperture, can choose the corn milling cutter that sets hard alloy bit; A few righter establish bodily form face and change the treatment of appearance of bevel angle outline, often use ball head milling cutter, annular milling cutter, cone-shaped milling cutter is mixed dish of form milling cutter. When undertaking free curved surface is machined, as a result of the cutting carrying a department of ball head cutting tool speed is 0, accordingly, to assure to machine precision, cutting row spacing is obtained commonly very can close, reason ball head is commonly used the finish machining at curved surface. And crop cutting tool machines quality and cutting efficiency respect in the surface knife of excel ball head, accordingly, below the premise that wants to be cut too in guarantee against only, no matter be the rough machining of curved surface or finish machining, answer knife of first choice crop. Additional, the durability of cutting tool and precision and impact of cutting tool price are great, must of bring to sb's attention is, below most circumstance, although the cutting tool that has chosen raised cutting tool cost, but of the treatment quality that brings from this and treatment efficiency rise, can make whole finished cost is reduced greatly. On machining center, all sorts of cutting tool are installed respectively go up in knife library, by the program the regulation undertakes the knife is mixed choosing at any time the movement that change a knife. Because this must use standard knife handle, so that make get, the standard cutting tool that the working procedure such as boring, enlarge, milling uses, rapid, accurate ground installs machine tool main shaft or knife library goes up. The structural measure that process designing personnel should use knife handle on understanding machine tool, adjust method and adjust range, so that the radial of cutting tool and axial size determine when process designing. At present the machining center of our country uses TSG tool system, its knife handle has straight power (3 kinds of norms) with awl handle (4 kinds of norms) two kinds, include the knife handle of 16 kinds of different utility in all. In economy CNC Machining, because the blade of cutting tool is ground, measure and change to be moved for artificial hand more undertake, take up auxiliary time is longer, accordingly, must the permutation of reasonable arrangement cutting tool is ordinal. Should follow the following principle commonly: ① reduces cutting tool amount as far as possible; After ② places cutting tool outfit, should finish all treatment place that its can have; The commencement of cutting tool part of one's job of ③ thick finish machining is used, even if the cutting tool of same size standards; ④ is gotten after mill first; ⑤ has curved surface precision work first, precision work of 2 dimension outline has after; ⑥ falls in probable condition, what should use numerical control machine tool as far as possible is automatic the function that change a knife, wait in order to improve manufacturing efficiency. 3, the affirmatory     of dosage of CNC Machining cutting is reasonable the principle that chooses cutting dosage is, when rough machining, give priority to in order to improve productivity commonly, but also should consider economy and finished cost; When semifinishing machining and finish machining, answer to fall in the premise that assures to machine quality, efficiency of cutting of give attention to two or morethings, economy and finished cost. Particular numerical value should according to dosage of machine tool manual, cutting manual, combine experience and decide. CNC Milling CNC Machining