TD Engineering first-rate is three-dimensional devise a solution

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The three-dimensional design function of the 2 dimension design with will traditional TD Engineering, innovation is completely compositive in onefold design environment, offerred highly competitive CAD solution for manufacturing industry enterprise, make enterprise can quicker, more businesslike and more agile have products plan. The spare parts builds changeover of model, 2D/3D, compositive Ban gold function, of conduit found and object of management, advanced outfit tubing manage, intelligence, animation, have data with other CAD system management of data of library of exchange, substantial mechanical spare parts, direct FEM/FEA interface, product, all these include the product that uses easily in this in, TD Engineering lets the product of rigid production business develop with might doubled, win the challenge of the market. 2D/3D/PLM is completely compositive the design environment of TD Engineering is completely compositive 2D/3D/PLM, do not need additional guide when 2D turns to 3D mode. ThinkDesign provided the 2D with banner industry and 3D work environment, both have good each other to operate a gender, no matter 2D still is,3D can have complete works with ThinkPLM. Allow a company can the reuse history data, the biggest beneficial result that produces historical material, avoid to change the risk that design platform and creates. The compatibility TD Engineering of AUTOCAD offerred the comprehensive compatibility of AutoCAD: 2D plot can input TD Engineering, original design can undertake modification mixing reuse, the former unripe drawing as TD Engineering is same. The fine architecture of TD Engineering, ensured the changeover function of tall accuracy. The interactive technology building a model with the interactive newest technology that build a model allows to undertake be modificationed directly to hypostatic model, no matter be the still guides model that is born formerly, its purpose is the logistic limitation of the generation in helping an user cast off the process that build a model thoroughly, the file that because guide,solves lacks historical feature and cannot revise, can undertake modification to spare parts geometry directly now, is not the process building a model that costs many time to understand a part! Be based on powerful substance to build model and curved surface function, TD Engineering offerred an innovation, agile, the environment building a model that uses easily! Intelligent object and object of link dimension intelligence are a of ThinkDesign peculiar function, intelligent object can let an user catch, the share that reuse perhaps shares some design is total perhaps content. Can assure the biggest consistency in company interior so, the mistake in reducing design flow and shorten the design is periodic. Linking dimension is one is had revolutionary the design function with direct effect. When input or editing a feature, the user can be clicked want editorial geometry system, input parameter directly next, the change that links dimension to be able to get used to a model, at the same time reservation designs a result. This can shorten complex component design and the time that rig technological process, reduce the mistake that appears in the design at the same time, efficiency rises than traditional method a lot of. Through linking dimension, the user can pursue in DWG/DXF 3D model is established quickly on the foundation of archives. The design flexibility of TD Engineering of compositive Ban gold function, make when design engineer is designing Ban gold part more handy, the engineer is OK and direct from 0 design or begin from existing spare parts, these parts can be designed with ThinkDesign, also can be the standard format file that comes from other system, be like IGES and STEP. TD Engineering can manage flank to take the Ban gold part of other feature, although it included the many coefficient that fold a turn. In addition, it still can generate the high quality that suits a factory to machine place to need automatically to develop a plan! TD Engineering of function of manage of advanced outfit tubing is the large costume that offerred industry to precede to deserve to govern a function, support the assembly of from above to below and from bottom to top at the same time, simplify express to allow to you load quickly and be examined assemble system, reservation is whole at the same time assemble referenced data. Can inspect label to simplify greatly large the navigation function that assembles system, use symbol reference can have spare parts or part quickly replace. The user can build the different configuration that assembles system. Interference detects the function detects quite the interference that assembles system interior, can can be in design phase can detect spare parts or the conflict between package, discovery is wrong. 2D and 3D changed functional TD Engineering to offer 2D to change a function, supportive format includes DWG, DXF, IGES and Draftmaker. Still offerred 3D to change a function at the same time, support IGES, STEP, STL, VDA, VRML, WaveFront, IV, Viewpoint, ThinkDesign Neutral Format and ASCII Points. The optional plug-in unit of Thinkdirect(of changeover plug-in unit of Think3) support format of software of all mainstream 3D, if Catia V5 is read / write, Pro/E is read, Parasolid, Catia V4 is read / write (contain 2D) to wait. CNC Milling CNC Machining