Import transducer and homebred transducer trade off study

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The power source that the function of transducer is a 50EE turns frequency into successive and adjustable power source, perhaps speak out it can liberate power source from inside 50Hz, make communicated induction motor to have the freedom of speed thereby. In last few years the flying development as a result of technology of electric power electron, make the performance of transducer better and better, and the price is reduced year after year however. This offerred first-rate condition to popularize the application of transducer energetically. As a result of transducer can control function advantageous, energy-saving effect is being shown, together with people is clearer and clearer to the understanding of transducer, transform old equipment to fabricate new facility with transducer oneself the consensus that becomes great master. Current home market is being held by entrance machine for the most part, industry of homebred nevertheless transducer is rising in gruff. How the angle that stands in the user sees the homebred plane that needs transducer and entrance opportunity? Homebred opportunity is inexpensive, entrance machine function is much, how to choose gift the most economical? The article makes simple comparison to both: To advanced model machine, high pressure guildelines selects entrance engine. To gaining ground model machine choosing is homebred opportunity is more substantial. The taxonomy of transducer is very much, this is for narrative convenience thick cent is 3 kinds: High pressure input / output voltage is in 3000V above, the power of this kind of type also is in more 1000KW above, also call its high-pressured high capacity so model. Advanced model vector of embedded magnetic flux controls the machine or pitching moment is controlled directly. Having accurate control power to the rotate speed of electromotor and moment of force, can check the parameter of electromotor automatically, the moment of force that start is large, noise is little. Can realize synchronism to move, scale moves, closed circuit speed or control of PI control, main shaft position, can realize computer communication and PIC couplet net to wait a moment. Gain ground model do not contain control of magnetic flux vector, contain V/F control only, the structure is simple, low-cost. Gain ground model the V/F control of machine has a variety of curves to be able to choose, for example linear, of square, cubic and their combination, can get used to the requirement of a lot of circumstances so. What should realize frequency conversion to change at once most is water pump, fan kind laden. Have data introduction, water pump fan kind the 1/3 that load occupies the whole nation to always be used with n is a quantity. If this kind of load popularized transducer, the total electricenergy production after managing n builds than 3 gorge hydroelectric station is even much. What can see will transform this kind of load with frequency conversion technology is what kind from this is important and pressing. With gain ground model machine come to this part is complete competency take on. We expect this change a few faster, of course manufacturer of this demand production wants try to make a good showing. Timing of quite a few and control circumstance can be used gain ground model transducer will assume. Gain ground model transducer selects homebred engine betterer. Appropriate of circumstance of elevator, rigid control selects entrance engine. Original title: ? Does Jian of Gan Deng of  of  of wooden tablets or slips for writing of Yong of  Yi Gan Deng seek Ran? CNC Milling CNC Machining