The blame of measurable transparent and filmy material contacts measurement unit of three-dimensional face figure

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Japanese beautiful can the blame that sale company began a sale to apply to all sorts of material a few days ago contacts measurement unit of three-dimensional face figure " Zygo New View 6300 " . It is through using a name " filmy application software " special software, can measure the transparent and filmy data that cannot evaluate before this. Come so, OK at MEMS applying (system of personal computer cable) the research development that waits for motherboard technology with optical disk, and the monitor that heads with liquid crystal is associated the research development of material of yuan of parts of an apparatus. This software matchs a form to offer with choosing. Measurable ply is in the exterior figure of the transparent and filmy material under M of above of 1 μ M, 50 μ and film are deep distributing. The measurement technique that this software develops with American Zygo company " scanning white interferes a law " for the foundation, while the Gao Liang that improving illume optics system spends the contrast of LED, improved the performance of the optical system of camera of high speed number. As measurement technique, law of scanning white interference does not use interference strength in the content that be measured the light when the largest position is measured, interfere ripple to undertake fast Fu Lixie alternates through dialogue shade however (FFT) hind the phasic data with corresponding place of gotten every space frequency will measure height. Have the characteristic of high resolution, low noise. Especially resolution respect, perpendicular resolution can rise even 0.

1nm, can measure the superprecision range of material completely. Respect of perpendicular scanning career, 14 μ M/s is below standard mode, 85 μ M/s is below high speed mode. Perpendicular measure limits to be 1nm ~ 15mm. Fall measures validity to be less than 0.

75 % , fall measures repeatability to be in 0.

1 % is the following. The value that does not contain tax is 16 million yen. CNC Milling CNC Machining