The machine tool of 21 centuries

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The machine tool of 21 centuries- - machine tool of paralell connection of shunt-wound machine tool (ParallelMachineTools) , call shunt-wound structure the machine tool again (machine tool of ParallelStructuredMachineTools) , fictitious axis (VirtualAxisMachineTools) , ever also was called 6 legs machine tool, 6 sufficient bug (Hexapods) . Shunt-wound machine tool is to be based on principle of platform of Stewart of orgnaization of dimensional paralell connection to develop, it is machine tool of a kind of when just appear in recent years new idea, it is shunt-wound robot orgnaization and the result that the machine tool combines, it is spatial mechanism learns, machinery is made, the high-tech product that flexible good technology and CAD/CAM technology height link numerical control technology, computer. It overcame cutting tool of orgnaization of series connection of traditional machine tool to be able to work to spend on the low side, equipment to machine flexibility and maneuverability to wait for inherent blemish not quite freely along fixed slideway feed, cutting tool only, can realize CNC Machining of much coordinate linkage, assemble and measure a variety of functions, can satisfy the treatment of spare parts of complex special type more. Exhibited in American Chicago machine tool 1994 from its going up to come out to be known as namely first is " the machine tool of 21 centuries " , make a machine tool familial in the fresh blood that has vitality most. the characteristic whole of shunt-wound machine tool, machine tool of traditional series connection orgnaization, it is to belong to the machine tool with maths is simple and complex orgnaization, and opposite, shunt-wound orgnaization machine tool criterion the orgnaization is simple and maths is complex, the athletic drag in of whole platform arrives quite huge maths operation, because this is fictitious,machine tool of axial paralell connection is a kind of knowledge concentrated model orgnaization. This kind of new-style machine tool broke the concept of structure of traditional machine tool completely, the cutting tool that abandoned to secure slideway is oriented means, introduced drive of orgnaization of much lever paralell connection, raised the stiffness of the machine tool greatly, make machine precision and treatment quality to have bigger improvement. Additional, as a result of its feed speed rise, make fast treatment realizes high speed, freeboard more easily thereby. Because this kind of machine tool has tall stiffness, high carrying capacity, high rate, high accuracy and weight light, rigid structure simple, production cost degree of low, standardization is advanced advantage, received successful application in a lot of domains, because this gets the wide attention of academia. Mix machine tool of couplet type numerical control by what shunt-wound, series connection comprises at the same time, not only the advantage that has shunt-wound machine tool, and using go up to have economic value more. As the ceaseless development of high speed cutting, the structural tigidity of tectonic platform and floating platform high speed change orgnaization of type of traditional series connection to become the bottleneck that the technology develops gradually, and shunt-wound type platform becomes first-rate to await choose a target, and to machine tool of series connection type, platform of shunt-wound type job has following characteristics and advantage: Structure simple, price is low. Amount of component of machine tool machinery relatively series construction platform decreases considerably, basically overcome the current package composition such as electric machinery of bore with a reamer, ball bore with a reamer, servo by ball guide screw, tiger, these current package can be produced by special manufacturer, the traditional machine tool that consequently the production of this machine tool and stock cost compare same function is low much, be assembled easily and carry. Structural stiffness is tall. Because was used,close sexual structure (the advantage that Closed-loopstructure) makes its have tall tigidity and high speed to change, streamline of its structure bear is short, and bear decomposes pull, pressure bears at the same time by 6 connecting rod, with material for mechanical viewpoint, when outside force is certain, the stress that cantilever measures and be out of shape the biggest, two end are inserted (Build-in) take second place, coming again is two end brief prop up (Simply-supported) , it is the 2 force structure of press press next, stress and the 2 force structure that are out of shape the smallest is to get pulling force, its have friend tall tigidity. Its stiffness weight compares the numerical control machine tool of prep above tradition. Treatment rate is high, inertial low. If force meets structural place susceptive haul, (Interpose between tension and pressure) , two force member will be the structure of the most economic data, and its shift weight is decreased to lowest and send by 6 at the same time move implement drive, because of this machine very easy high speed is changed, and have low inertial. Treatment precision is tall. Because its are orgnaization of much axis paralell connection to comprise, 6 but adjustable lever staff grows to be opposite alone the position of cutting tool and attitude are effective, consequently nonexistent traditional machine tool (string together online bed namely) the phenomenon that geometrical error is accumulated and magnifies, still have smooth leveling effect even (Averagingeffect) ; Its own design of hot symmetry structure, accordingly heat is out of shape lesser; It has friend the advantage of high accuracy. Muti_function flexibility is strong. Because orgnaization of this machine tool is simple control is convenient, easier basis machines an object and its the design becomes special machine tool, at the same time OK also will development becomes general purpose machine tool, in order to realizes the treatment such as milling, boring, grinding, still can deploy necessary measurement the tool measures its composition machine, with realizing a machine tool muti_function. This will bring very big application and market perspective, there is very wide application perspective in national defence and civil respect. Service life is long. Because accept force structure reasonable, athletic component wears away small, and without slideway, nonexistent scrap or cooling fluid enter slideway interior and bring about its cut, wear away or rustily phenomenon. Stewart platform agrees with modular production. To different machine size range of pipe bent, need to change connecting rod length and contact position only, it is easy also to safeguard, the recycle that need not have works and adjust, require will new orgnaization parameter input only. Commutation coordinate is convenient. Because do not have hypostatic coordinate department, department of machine tool coordinate and the changeover that workpiece coordinate fastens rely on software to finish entirely, very convenient. Stewart platform applies at machine tool and robot, can reduce static receiver error (because of tall rigid) , and dynamic error (because of low inertia) . And the inferior position of Stewart platform is working at its the space is lesser, and the restriction that its are having strange place on working space, and platform of series connection work, when controller encounters curious aspect, the drive that cannot reach actuating device of accountant cipher out commands and cause control error, but the ability of the power that Stewart platform can lose way of the part that prop up in strange place or moment of force, cannot achieve fixed and laden target. CNC Milling CNC Machining