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The language that uses extensively before a few years has product measure form cutting. This is the form cutting means with plasticity treatment and pulverous figuration, basically achieve the treatment method of final figure, final precision work is completed with machining means. And R clean form cutting means the treatment that needs add sex completely no longer. Recently, do not make rigor distinguish to two kinds of methods, will include partial chance to machine or replace by processing entirely those who finish call along with all the others " the circumstance of clean form cutting is very much also. If machining makes a pattern that come,shape only, want to get ultimate precision is very difficult surmounting machining again. In the meantime, the treatment of use model is made not easily also get used to diversification. Although have these problems, recently, the view that delivers Xiangjing form cutting is remained very eager. The problem with insufficient precision also will be solved nowadays, the prime cause that method of clean form cutting gets fixing eyes upon is, the possibility that reduces production cost and shape striking progress of the technology two respects. Still have, look from long-term point of view, the character of low environment bear that has clean figuration method again is developed, will become one large dominant position. ① reduces the possibility of cost to use the treatment method of clean figuration to reduce manufacturing cost, this is early get self-identity. The respect waits in car component, a lot of cost reduced the example of 10 % above to report. As a result of the developing country chase, japanese manufacturing industry is in past have not to had experienced now, austere low cost changes a requirement in. Then, the method that reduces cost through using clean form cutting gets attention once more, replace precision and flexible the machining with advantageous respect, already had those who begin to begin to use clean figuration method to throw production. The standard that wants mechanical, unit only reachs OK and contented range, of form cutting " defective dot " regular meeting makes special attractive good point. The progress of ② form cutting technology generally speaking, compare with machining photograph, the maturity of the form cutting such as plasticity treatment is lower. With greatly the machining of rely machinery item characteristics is different, plasticity treatment gets mechanical, mould and treatment data the impact of these 3 elements is very big, and the mould is made and material is out of shape wait for rely the component at handlers experience is very much. Nevertheless, with plasticity treatment domain rapid technical progress is setting, appearing to be discussed what discuss actual application theoretically ceaselessly. For example material is out of shape, program imitate technology is practical change, the is out of shape the control technology such as next the progress of material of function, mould, dead center and temperature reachs weights and measures technique progress that improves data, can make plasticity machines rely the problem at past experience, reach precision to be not worth a problem to wait to get settlement stage by stage. ③ pursuit resource yields rate after entering 90 age, the problem of production technology and environment gets height takes seriously. Can make in producing a course material gets the clean figuration method that uses effectively, the processing technique that serves as adjustable environment gets evaluating again. The resource circulation that can develop continuously to achieve economy, society this one target, pursuit resource yields rate (devoted resource of / of quantum of output is measured) it is very important, clean figuration method is led to raising resource to yield is the treatment method that can make contribution directly. The problem when discussion environment countermeasure is, outside using an amount what divide the sources of energy directly, c02 is discharged wait for environmental bear problem to did not bring into market structure, namely alleged be in exterior wasteful condition. This kind of state also is in now produce change, had begun to appear carbolic duty and C02 are discharged trade. Reduce environmental bear to be planted with respect to some significantly mechanical component, the effect of clean form cutting gets evaluating. From the point of the comparison of C02 discharge capacity, treatment method ① machines methodological ② photograph to compare together, it is about 2. 2 times, because used clean take shape, dropped the environmental negative charge when production significantly. When this method is used at forginging, in figuration working procedure, heat treatment (anneal) the wastage of working procedure, the sources of energy of phase of waste liquid processing that reachs lubricant material is big, see environmental bear value machine methodological ② to become instead 5.

8 times. But, if calculate,go up the devoted the sources of energy when material is made, treatment method ① and treatment method ② are each 5.

79MJ and 2.

82MJ, 2 machining methodological ① is treatment method ② .

05 times. The utility of small-sized equipment also is expanding above made a specification with respect to the method of clean form cutting of technology of manufacturing industry foundation and tendercy. Through course of nearly 30 years, the use value of this method is known once more. The manufacturing industry that will be in Japan henceforth, predicting application proportion meets those who get rising be industry of news report of smooth, news, biology, iatrical relevant industry. In these domains, will use small-sized device and be not in the light of the semiconductor processing technique that can raise cost, take the imperceptible clean form cutting of colophony and vitreous material seriously however, spreading out development to develop the work now. Be in not only already some industries, new-style industry also makes a person fix eyes upon to the use of method of clean form cutting. CNC Milling CNC Machining