Factory of machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty satisfies user demand to get reputably

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Machinery of Shaanxi Qin Chuan develops Inc. machine tool 2 factories are an user " quantity body is custom-built " product, get user reputably. Not long ago, the factory should enlarge some car component scale of production, 2 factories are machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty especially user " quantity body is custom-built " product line of a new-style pump housing. This product line is divided by the machine tool 2 factories make all equipment outside, the design that they still offerred tool clamping apparatus for the user and make, the design of cutting tool and purchase etc. In addition, they still undertook for the process designing staff member of the user the technology grooms. After this product line that has domestic advanced level throws operation, satisfied all requirement of the user completely, be praised. The machine mass that as a result of Qin Chuan machine tool 2 factories produce is good, plus high grade, considerate service, draw turn round numerously guest. This year April, a mechanical production company ordered southwest the 3rd times the machining center of two MCV510 vertical that 2 factories manufacture machine tool of plain of the Qin Dynasty. This user thinks, because Qin Chuan's machine tool is rigid strong, stability is so good, plus high quality numerical control system, make of numerical control machine tool move smooth and reliable. CNC Milling CNC Machining