Machine of cut of blaze of much cutting torch centers technology of type air feed and site construction

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Blaze cut machine presses each respects such as force, discharge, purity to having relatively particular demand to air feed, this also is the key that makes sure blaze cut machine machines quality. Gain ground as what in recent years the wide application of blaze cut machine reachs relevant technology, machine of cut of blaze of much cutting torch already made the first selection of the enterprise, it is very apparent that machine of cut of blaze of much cutting torch is machining the advantage on efficiency, but from use actually for, machine of cut of blaze of much cutting torch also rises accordingly to the requirement of air feed, how to offer stable air feed for machine of cut of blaze of much cutting torch? What does site of air feed of collect Chinese style build the item that needs an attention to have again? The limited company of science and technology of Electromechanical of benefit of Dongguan shake Lei that has research and development of machine of cut of blaze of old numerical control and manufacturing sale experience will be you to be solved in detail. One, type of air feed of machine of cut of blaze of much cutting torch and characteristic L, industrial oxygen oxygen is colorless, dull gas, itself cannot go out, be a kind support combustion racily gas. Bottle of aerobic lay aside is highest pressure is 40 litres for 150 atmosphere, cubage. Aerobic bottle exit contains pressure regulator, so that reduce high-pressured oxygen to needs actuating pressure, make an appointment with 3-4 atmosphere, make pressure insists to stabilize. 2, industrial acetylene acetylene also weighs acetylene, quality is lighter than oxygen. Often press in normal temperature below, acetylene is achromatic. Acetylene is the gas of the extremely easy explosion of a kind of risk, when temperature surmounts 200-300 to spend, acetylene meets what fit gives off heat get together cooperation is used, emit quantity of heat farther polymerization. If be in this process cannot broom of quickness of quantity of heat, get together cooperation uses increase and accelerate, can make the temperature of acetylene elevatory, bring about thereby the synthesis of acetylene explodes. Pure acetylene gas, when its pressure is 1.

5 gauge pressure, when temperature arrives at 580 ℃ , do not need exterior ignite, also can break out by oneself synthesis explodes. When acetylene and oxygen or air mix, sex of its explosion risk is bigger. Industrial acetylene, its contain more impurity, wait like vulcanization hydrogen, phosphine, reason has acuteness excitant stink. Acetylene is in acetone solubility is the biggest, bottled acetylene applies his to dissolve namely the character in acetone comes keep in storage and those who carry. 3, propane propane, it is below normal temperature colorless, without bad smell body. Explode combustibly, easily, chemistry is stable. When 650 ℃ synthesis is ethylene and ethane. Propane is casing-head gas of main consist in, natural in gas, refinery gas. Mix with air can make volatile compound, encounter heat source has the risk that extinguishs explosion with bright fire, explosion limit is 2.

1% ~ 9.

5% . Contact violent echo with oxidizer. Density is bigger than air, can diffuse in inferior place in the center of quite far, the source that receive ammunition can catch fire time light. Propane generates solid state hydrate easily below microtherm with water, occasion is defeated by those who enrage conduit to jam. 2, station of air feed of type of concentration of machine of cut of blaze of much cutting torch of construction of air feed of machine of cut of blaze of much cutting torch will realize unified to supplying gas managing to reach debug, the crucial a replacement that station of air feed of collect Chinese style builds basically has the following: 1, temper prevents implement 1) central temper prevents implement central temper prevents implement, prevent by temper of type of many middling pressure implement paralell connection is combined and become. Inside the monolayer building that it needs buy is put in independence or the field of segregation, central temper prevents implement discharge with acetylene converge between due and corresponding span. When using conduit of the acetylene that bury the ground to join, in burying ground conduit to bring clean, after putting through, conduit reentry is open. The ground channel deepness of conduit, common channel deeply 200-300 millimeter, channel is wide for 200 millimeter, make the same score ground channel lid with cover board. Conduit enters workshop, along the workshop fore-and-aft axes or wall (leave span slightly) flat cloth is in charge of built on stilts, make an appointment with 2~2 from empty camber.

8 meters. 2) middling pressure shuts type temper to prevent implement middling pressure shuts type temper to prevent implement, say safe water is sealed again, it is effective safe device. Use at platoon of converge of middling pressure acetylene or fit of middling pressure acetylene implement. When regular job, acetylene enters the underwater inside the bucket from air inlet duct, turn check valve, acetylene from underwater transgression, gather in surface, be in charge of output via venting one's anger, by acetylene the canal enters dry type temper to prevent implement wait with cutting torch. When fit temper, conduit blaze is converse activity, enter a tracheal circumfluence to enter a bucket inside, heighten of force of bucket internal pressure, hydraulic top shuts his to check valve, air inlet duct is sealed to stop. Meanwhile, extinguish aeriform pressure to play coping reed top to rise, deflate valve leaves, extinguish gas to rush from deflate mouth, in discharging past air. Middling pressure shuts type temper to prevent implement prevent acetylene blaze flash back effectively to break out to acetylene converge platoon or middling pressure acetylene implement. Particularly advertent is, in iciness weather should ponder prevent frostbite issue! 3) temper of dry mood of film of middling pressure explosion proof prevents implement temper of dry mood of film of middling pressure explosion proof prevents implement, volume is minor, weight is light, the structure is simple, can be in the acetylene conduit of the workshop installs shut-off valve on each port, or temper of dry mood of film of middling pressure explosion proof prevents implement join with cutting torch. When temper of cutting torch fit, converse activity enters the blaze inside the canal temper of dry mood of film of middling pressure explosion proof prevents implement piece tracheal, the explosive room with farewell inpour narrow cubage, urgent leap of force of internal pressure of explosive room room is tall, pressure breaks through explosion proof film in the instant, blaze rushs from explosion proof film. Meanwhile, as a result of heighten of force of internal pressure of body cavity of a powerful person, go against stop since top of a powerful person, stop mouth of air inlet duct, reached break down air feed and the goal that prevent temper. 2, converge discharges apply in second definitely before converge platoon, aerobic converge platoon and conduit are assembled, indispensible break down divides rust thoroughly. Burr, rusty spot, scale and other are not had inside the canal sundry. The wall outside the canal besmears first antirust lacquer, besmear again lacquer of maize alcoholic acid. After conduit joins, want break down 8-10 the hydraulic experiment of atmosphere or break down 8-10 the air-tightness experiment of atmosphere, check its welding line and joint place to have without disclose gas fit. Must mix between converge platoon the installation on acetylene conduit guides except electrostatic ground connection device. 3, be defeated by those who enrage conduit to apply conduit transporting gas to be in before applying, want to use the air inside conduit of nitrogen drive acetylene. Prevent conduit termination to collect air, alveolus exhaust can leave in conduit termination. When conduit fill full nitrogen, block up with silk stop alveolus. Acetylene is inputted to leave to often be applied rightly below the condition of conduit circumfuse nitrogen. 3, the construction that centers air feed station to build a station to ask to center air feed to stand is necessary agree with fire control to entreat: The building should take monolayer, field is independent; Forbidden build in low note or easy in the center of be flooded by water; Cannot stand by personnel concentrated area or traffic thoroughfare place; Its field should have good nature ventilated; The its door, window open outside all be being answered; Use shell of simple and easy, built on stilts, small qualitative house, this house Gai Yingping is rectified and do not have blind angle. Center air feed station to need border when the workshop, border the wall should be 2 class firewall, answer to wait without aperture, hole, door, window and cop on its wall cross. In concentration air feed stands, acetylene applies should agree with fire control to entreat: The actuating pressure that exerts acetylene is middling pressure 1.

5 kilograms / square centimeter, the largest velocity of flow is 8 meters / second; Its are defeated by tolerance to should not surmount 10 stere / hour; Quantity of lay aside of acetylene solid bottle should not surmount the consumptive dosage of one day and night; The cubage transporting gas of acetylene bottle and speed should be not surmounted 1.


0 stere / hour / bottle. CNC Milling CNC Machining