Individual plant gets cutting tool to start the application of machine turning domain in aviation

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In recent years, aviation industry of the whole world is in exhibition period of bitter fleabane break out, ceaselessly advanced aviation product is released. And one of the most important principal part that cutting tool machines as aviation component, as aviation industry of change quickly change and high speed develops. Individual plant gets cutting tool to regard domestic cutting tool as the leading sheep of the enterprise, have what kind of regard as? Zhang Jing of Inc. of cutting tool of cutting of diamond of individual plant continent speaks of individual plant drill through machining the powerful powerful combination of the enterprise with aviation engine too when accepting a reporter to interview, great progress got in domain of aviation engine turning. Component of model of engine of aviation of feature of component of aviation engine model includes: Fan dish, fan casing, dish casing of turbine of Xie Panji of axis, turbine wheel shaft, long axis, whole. Aviation motor component belongs to structural member of typical difficult treatment, have the following and typical feature: The internal composition with extremely complex ① , be like deep inside sunken antrum, cutting tool abnormity, dangerous stretchy, when treatment easy cause vibration, discharge bits difficulty, be designed in bit cutting tool and the safe clearance between mature cutting tool and workpiece needs when work out machine program. Be like the groove with very poor accessibility of etc of chamfer of root of leaf of columbine end form to wait. ② Bao Bi (weak tigidity) structure, mature cutting force needs to be affected to workpiece metabolic when choosing cutting tool. Precision of ③ expensive measure asks. The main material that is used at aviation motor component is high temperature alloy and titanium alloy character, belong to typical difficult treatment material. This kinds of material has the following feature: ① chemical active is big, the meeting when high temperature forms very tall sclerotic layer; Endophilicity is big also, easy produce conglutinate phenomenon with attrition surface. ② thermal conductivity is poor, cutting process comes loose hot difference, the temperature that causes blade of cutting tool cutting rises considerably, cutting tool wears away accelerate, loss of life. Amount of ③ stretch model is small, below cutting strength effect, easy generation is out of shape, at the same time spring back of personal treatment surface, make face of the knife after cutting tool and already machined the surface to produce acuteness clash. The application of turning cutting tool in recent years, engine of famous aviation of diamond of individual plant continent and home machines an enterprise to give full cooperation, begin research of mechanism of cutting of aerospace titanium alloy, high temperature alloy, with the spot treatment craft photograph is united in wedlock, development gave product of many series major, the turning of aviation engine spare parts that constructed to mature processes cutting tool system, include the cutting tool of ISO standard lathe tool, grooving and different cutting tool that be not mark, the YBG102 of PVD coating brand that cooperates the hard alloy matrix that exceeds fine grain and accept rice class, realize the efficient treatment of high temperature alloy and titanium alloy. Standard turning cutting tool, be like NF chamfer series: Use nicety to grind make, repeat fixed position precision tall, point of a knife of give attention to two or morethings is sharp gender and intensity of point of a knife, agree with the finish machining of high temperature alloy and titanium alloy; NM chamfer series: Cutting blade intensity is high, groove surface is slick, guide bits is successful, agree with the semifinishing machining of high temperature alloy and titanium alloy and rough machining. The axis before machining rotor of turbine of one high pressure with some company is exemple, treatment material is Inconel 718, rockwell hardness exceeds 39HRC, model face finish machining. Add 60m/min of man-hour linear velocity to control, handling time achieves 45min, break bits smooth, the surface is slick, integrality of spare parts surface gets assuring reliably. Grooving cutting tool applies in domain of aviation engine turning very extensive, also be the key of research and development of cutting tool of aviation of individual plant getting. In former some " small squirrel " on the base that series grooving knife gains wide market to approbate, developed alloy of titanium alloy high temperature the ZIMF series in special grooving cutting tool, ZIGQ series, use only head (blade) , the structure that form of inclined outfit, V locates, have taller versatility, measure precision and repeat fixed position precision. What intensity of point of give attention to two or morethings of chamfer of ZIMF series razor blade design reachs cutting blade is sharp, the control that cut bits is outstanding, noise falls in tall feed rate small. ZIMF series basically uses at high temperature alloy, titanium alloy go rough machining. ZIGQ series has sharp cutting blade, extremely low cutting pressure, can acquire good treatment surface quality, basically use at the finish machining of high temperature alloy, titanium alloy and semifinishing machining. It is at the same time get used to component of aviation engine model the treatment demand of complex feature, individual plant gets cutting tool to be able to think the client measures a body to make development give different bit, contented client machines all sorts of special requirements in the process. The principle that the technology program individual plant of on the safe side gets an engineer to be the client's custom-built technology program is to be evaluated accurately, safe and consummate. What the treatment of aviation domain considers above all is its security, dependability. Engineer of individual plant getting is clients' custom-built treatment program to attach most importance to quality of surface of dot, treatment in order to machine safety to be core, match the method taking a knife with optimization, feed and rotate speed. Below the premise that ensures treatment is absolutely and safe, utmost ground shortens handling time. Force turbine is moved in aviation engine the first class dish in treatment, material is GH738 character, material pledges hardness is 32 ~ 42HRC, engineers deserve to be as follows in order to machine plan. Dynamical turbine the first class dish treatment basically is versed in the pace is: Vehicle of short end of vehicle of thick car short end, thick Che Changduan, half fine, half fine grows vehicle of end, fine vehicle of fiducial, fine grows vehicle of end, fine short end. Actually this motivation turbine the first class dish treatment is main by rough machining and finish machining two big working procedure are finished. The strength that rough machining basically considers bit is great, metallic purify rate is high. The specific type of the razor blade of finish machining decides according to size of dimension of workpiece corner circular arc. As a result of workpiece appearance complex irregular model, the need in machining a process considers to avoid empty, when technology program is designed, the design of different arbor is indispensable. Individual plant gets cutting tool to machine plan besides the technology that makes whole to the client, also offer individual and complex feature to machine needs other cutting tool for the client. Individual plant gets individual plant of product of new-style aviation cutting tool to get cutting tool to regard the impetus that the company grows as the research and development of new product and changeover all the time, regard the foundation that the industry survives and develops as technical innovation. As the development of aerospace industry, cutting tool of individual plant getting also is in all the time machine cutting tool for more high grade aerospace industry and try hard. Be aimed at treatment of aviation motor component, the plan rolled out cutting tool of grooving of a kind of chamfer of a kind of a kind of new name, new turning series, new series in succession 2012. Be aimed at the turning treatment of aviation engine domain, cutting tool of individual plant getting is treatment high temperature alloy and body of titanium alloy quantity are custom-built new coating brand YBG105. Predict to compare former YBG102 brand life to raise 30% above. Current, be aimed at circumgyrate of aviation engine domain characteristic, development goes general-purpose razor blade of turning of NGF chamfer finish machining, bit uses essence of life to grind, repeat fixed position precision tall, compose was built suit titanium alloy, high temperature alloy thoroughly to arrive from thick car the chamfer of fine vehicle series. In the meantime, individual plant got development to give series of new-style chamfer knife, use means of protruding V fixed position, increased bit strength; Bit locates the face uses essence of life to grind way, rose to repeat the dependability of fixed position. Individual plant gets cutting tool to will think the client offers complete craft solution to serve as a target, accumulate successful experience ceaselessly, abound range of products, compose builds complete aviation spare parts to process cutting tool system. The technical service with believe individual plant getting can give spaceflight aviation to machine a domain to bring more better and product. CNC Milling CNC Machining