Grind the technological equipment of fluid polish and treatment process

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If graph 4-1 place is shown,grind the structure of fluid polish technological equipment. Treatment process is as follows: Make those who need polish a 17 installation be in workbench 3 on. Hold ejector 2 pairs are made 17 undertake eject polish is machined. 9 traditional Chinese clothes have the chamfer that grind fluid special grind fluid 18 reach the beater that grind fluid 8. Circulatory system still includes in this peripheral equipment, compress system of air conduit, lighting and filter cloth cleaning device to wait. 1 two side set studio door hole, for taking, put make and change grind fluid, rinsing equipment to wait. The front sets floodlight 4, viewport 5 reach two operations aperture 6. Workbench 3 set gauze network 7, grind fluid with what will filter to already had been used, flow into the chamfer that grind fluid 9 in, use in order to offer circularly the next time. Filtering purpose is eliminate grinds the iron in fluid piece, impurity of oxidation skin etc, lest cause circular pipeline jam. Before polishing, start pump first 12, make grind fluid 18 through conduit 13 pump sending a person 12 in. Below the action of pump, one part grinds fluid to send ejector opportunely through glue canal 2, regard polishing as medium. Another part grinds fluid to send beater through another conduit 8. Fall in the agitate of beater again, make grind fluid to mix even. Open next compress air valve door, let compress air classics to be in charge of 16 ejector that take a person 2, make grind fluid to be below greater pressure action, quicken gush to treat polishing surface, undertake polishing is machined. In grinding fluid to be used circularly, the polishing working that grinds fluid is younger and younger, after lowering fixed rate, need to change to grind fluid newly. The valve that can open department of the bottom land that grind fluid at this moment 11, make grind current to enter chamfer flourishing juice 10 in. 14 for steam vent. Whole polish process has inside sealed atelier. CNC Milling CNC Machining