Rotate double focus laser

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In recent years, in laser - electric arc is compound solder of laser focusing position and geometrical parameter, energy parameter optimize appearance of form of the influence with function of head of butt joint of gas of mechanism of interaction of choice, heat source, protection, groove to be opposite solder the flow of the influence of craft, bath is characteristic. But so far, to laser - electric arc is compound solder the development of special device and actually border application still exists very big difference. This task is right laser - electric arc is compound mode of protection of joint design structure, gas and characteristic undertook solder be discussed deep, the design went out to rotate double focus laser - body of coherent of TIG compound solder protects a structure, protected the effect to undertake an analysis to gas. Laser - electric arc is compound solder laser of program of treatment head design with its marked characteristic makes solder the technology becomes one of advanced production technology, be made in aerospace, car and the industry such as shipbuilding gets applied extensively, the key that it also is advanced join technology develops one of way. Be developed in most advanced weaponry as alloy of aluminous, titanium and the wide application in aviation manufacturing industry, the tradition solders the requirement that the method already cannot satisfy actual production. Because all sorts of elements are affected,groovy laser beam welding is received, have certain limitation, solder especially alloy of aluminous, titanium, make the utilization rate of laser is reduced, and realize big frit to be mixed greatly hard of large board solder. Carry the development of new-style solder connect and protector so, make laser more those who get used to alloy of aluminous, titanium solder, to raising the development of most advanced weaponry of a country and aviation level, have very important sense. 1 laser - the axis other electric arc is compound the structure because laser - MIG electric arc is compound solder existence sends silk and frit drop to transfer wait for a problem, great majority enterprise is to use by the axis is compound means undertakes soldering. What German warehouse squares formed by crossed lines straps the compound solder connect that the company produces to use reflection type, direct water-cooling is easy change optical component, the laser power that is used at treatment can exceed 40kW[1] ; The laser that Austrian Fronius company produces - connect of MIG compound solder [2] geometry size is small, can ensure soldering accessibility, apply at soldering especially when automobile body. In addition this connect still is had good dismountable quality, facilitating installation arrives on the robot, focal length and solder fire also are had adjustable function, adjust precision for 0.

1mm. The laser Composite that place of international limited company applies for Fuluoniusi solders the device of the process [3] has indicator, indicator of have the aid of is OK from book X of the edge since the position, Y and Z direction to adjust each other each component mutual the position between, use transverse the way that plays high-pressured gas will protect laser head to spare drossy injury. 2 laser - old Professor Yan Bin of Harbin Institute of Technology of complex structure our country uses electric arc coaxial hollowly the coaxial that the method of tungsten pole realized laser and TIG electric arc is compound. Electric arc is in hollowly the most advanced generation of tungsten pole, stimulate beam of light from tungsten extremely the center crosses cricoid electric arc to arrive at workpiece surface, its are compound the principle is shown like plan institute. The laser when coaxial is compound is crossed from electric arc center, do not have the problem of sex of direction of welding consequently, this agrees with especially of three-dimensional spare parts solder. Coaxial compound solders although head adjustment is done not have by the axis is so complex, but the size of tungsten pole aperture, tungsten is extremely most advanced be opposite with the distance of workpiece solder quality has bigger effect, and the figure that the meeting burning caustic with extremely most advanced tungsten affects cricoid electric arc badly, the influence solders the stability of the process and welding line appearance [4] . Tsinghua university piece Xu Dong puts forward a circle to distributing the method of coaxial and symmetrical compound heat source, use spectroscopic will incident laser to divide the beam of light that distributings symmetrically for 2 bundles, you Shuangguang of MIG solder electrode bundle among send. Close as a result of dispute of double beam of light, of electrode it is OK to introduce escape beam of light transmits method. Focusing system the same position that from electrode double light beam focusing of ground of two side semmetry sends direction front in welding wire, do not affect laser of the implementation below the circumstance that beam of light transmits and electric arc coaxial in welding wire. The inadequacy that this method exists is prismatic hind itself of every bundles of beam of light and electric arc have certain included angle, the symmetrical axis of double beam of light and electric arc axes realize coincide very hard, of welding wire send transmission of pair of beam of light to very big impact waits [5] . In recent years consider to make clear, joint design structure is having compound solder the insufficient place of oneself. Solder in effectively improvement adaptability, on the base that improves welding line figuration, the research that double to rotating focus stimulates head of smooth compound solder is having important real sense. Rotate double focus laser is compound solder treatment head laser - the axis other electric arc is compound when soldering get easily discretion of dip of arc welding gun, laser and span of electric arc center, welding torch and laser and electric arc the influence of the element such as mutual position. To rotating laser - the axis other TIG electric arc is compound solder method, besides groovy laser - electric arc is compound outside soldering influencing factor, when the focus of laser rotates, cannot interfere each other with TIG welding torch, assure certain athletic space namely, also must want a consideration. This task group considered to rotate double focus laser - the axis other TIG electric arc is compound solder method, designed use at two heat source mutual compound solders first. The design of this solder connect can divide from composition for 2 parts: Rotate connect of double focus laser beam welding and clip of TIG electric arc hold a share. 1 rotate connect of double focus laser beam welding rotates connect of double focus laser beam welding basically is to be on the foundation of connect of laser beam welding of current and groovy CO2, change the focusing way of laser, how research produces 2 central issues and make these 2 focuses rotate by definite pattern. Cannot pass as a result of CO2 gas laser fiber-optic transmit, can use all sorts of illuminator to undertake transmission only, the flexibility of smooth road is so far use light not as good as the kind that fine has transmission. Because this joins the research foundation of this task, should realize high-power CO2 laser to rotate bifocal solders purpose, the smooth road of this solder connect should use fastigium type illuminator to regard spectroscopic, paraboloid leaving an axis as lens reflex system. In turning mechanism, dc machine is solder connect rotate provide power, make through prejudicial orgnaization part of solder connect illuminator circles perpendicular and incident laser Shu Xuan to turn, the or so 2 parts that reflex antrum join together through linear bearing, because the existence of prejudicial orgnaization makes his right while reflection antrum is circling main shaft to rotate,way of standard of half part edge controls rock, the whirligig that reflexes antrum whole to circle main shaft so and on the right side of the union that moves point-blank along horizontal way makes those who reflex antrum right the turn that makes approximate ellipse partly partly moves, realize the whirl of laser focus thereby. Clip of welding torch of electric arc of 2 TIG of Nextpage     is held laser and by axial TIG electric arc is compound when soldering, get easily the influence of the element such as center of the dip of TIG welding torch, electric arc and laser focus span and the height of two heat source, when the fixture that designing welding torch so, these influencing factor become an architect to need the crucial place of the consideration. In addition task group still considers actual welder art need can undertake laser alone already or electric arc solders, what can realize two heat source through adjusting again is compound soldering structure. Undertaking gyral to stainless steel double focus laser - electric arc is compound the discovery in soldering trial test, this are compound device raised laser utilization rate, enlarged laser and power of electric arc compound to deserve to compare limits, electric arc is reached by stronger compression attract etc, showed this device is compound technical advantage, for farther experiment research laid a foundation. The basic flow principle of efflux of 1 protection gas is in the design   of aeriform protector laser beam welding is received in, need protection gas will eliminate light to send plasma in laser incident point point expands rise and the phenomenon of screen laser energy. Solder in TIG in, protective gas can affect arc welding to receive character directly, the decision solders figuration of craft stability, welding line and contact function. Apparent, rotating double focus laser - TIG electric arc is compound when soldering, protective gas is more important to the influence of process and welding line figuration, its consider to have important theory and project sense. But so far, laser of double to rotating focus - the axis other TIG is compound the aeriform protection system of solder and aeriform flow mode, still do not have technical research almost. For this, author basis rotates the characteristic that double focus solders, designed laser - TIG is compound solder protector, to aeriform protection mode and its flow characteristic undertook an analysis. (1) the efflux that add a wall. In efflux control technology, it is the effect adding a wall that uses efflux and its switch technology normally, will control the direction of efflux. When aeriform efflux from efflux yuan when the nozzle of parts of an apparatus is ejective, be like nozzle when the wainscot semmetry of two side is installed, can form add at two parietal efflux. If sidewall asymmetry, even if be tiny asymmetry, can form add a wall at odd parietal efflux [6] . In addition, efflux flow can be laminar flow also can be turbulence or both hold concurrently. Soldering in the process, ask the gas that blows from solder connect is laminar flow commonly, prevent occurrence turbulent flow as far as possible, lest gas interfuse is free in protective gas, the oxidation that creates welding line and nitrogen are changed. And holding laminar flow or the crucial place that form onflow is Recr[7] of critical Reynolds number, specific requirement is as follows: When Recr=2300, belong to laminar flow; When Re>Recr=2300, belong to turbulence. Among them, reynolds counts Re=vd ρ / μ , v=Q/A of velocity of flow. Visible, flow condition is concerned with V of velocity of flow not only, still with D tubal way, the viscosity μ of fluid density ρ and fluid is concerned. (2) rotate efflux. Rotate efflux is a kind of relatively special efflux. See its still belong to efflux of a kind of axial symmetry from macroscopical campaign appearance, and also be commonly inferior efflux of velocity of sound (the limits of different speed character that the measurement that uses Mach number commonly in the aerodynamics will come to delimit atmolysis flows, ma=0 is incompressible flow; Ma<1 is inferior velocity of sound flows; Ma=1 flows for velocity of sound namely; Ma>1 is called exceed velocity of sound to flow) . General and character, it sheds nozzle to finish eject through coming back. Because efflux itself one side rotates,this is, advancement diffuses in facing surroundings medium. Nozzle forms come back the method that spreads effect has 3 kinds: A kind of method is to use what make efflux medium through cutting guide to enter to be finished inside antrum rotate, at the same time from nozzle mouth ejective; Another kind of method is inside nozzle device directs blade, motion of lamina of air current edge is forced to arise rotate; Another is planted the method is to use centrifugal type spray head in its in-house setting comes back stream implement. Laser of structure of 2 gas protection - the protective gas structure of TIG complex design is TIG welding torch 2 edges have a half annular airway respectively, join by mouth of 2 small jet respectively. In protection aeriform room wall forms the jet structure with 4 different point of view, make protect gas to be able to be blown equably to weld zone region. Gas is indoor have thread of fast connect connective, can receive the nozzle that protects gas and different form conveniently quickly so. According to aeriform efflux principle knowable, device of built-in in nozzle commutate can change aeriform flow condition. Fixed diversion core is loaded in nozzle interior, gas passes diversion core tangential enter spray head, the whirligig that circles axes is done inside nozzle, shoot through nozzle aperture finally to weld zone region. Rotate suppose R place has the radius of the aleatoric cross section of axis of efflux edge X to shed ρ U closely, it carries small ring sectional the mass flow rate of 2 π Rdr is U of ρ of · of 2 π Rdr, and flow along the momentum of Zhou Xiang θ rate for · of U of ρ of · of 2 π Rdr ω , this are then tangential the small strong moment of force that brunt circles X axis or moment of momentum are R of · of ω of · of U of ρ of · of 2 π Rdr, it is via the integral total moment of momentum that circles X axis: When spout radius is R0, rotate intensity is: Rotate intensity is incorporate can write for: In type, l0 is entered for the fluid come back stream implement when, relative to the moment of momentum of Yu Xuan runner shaft; K0 flows to come back implement exit is sectional the average momentum that go up; P represents aeriform intensity of pressure; D flows to come back implement the diameter with sectional exit. The degree that because report rotates,efflux rotates to lose by force, the value is so less, rotate efflux diffuses angle is smaller, recirculating zone is smaller, range is longer. Rotate double focus laser - gas of connect of TIG compound solder protects what this lab proper motion designs the effect to rotate double focus laser - structure of connect of TIG arc welding. Soldering in the process of aluminium alloy, because the metal is below the action of high energy heat source, the metal near welding line fuses quickly even vaporization, to decrease or avoid the generation of weld defects, must undertake protective to the radiation area of laser. This gas protects the effect to be able to divide into 2 parts to consider: Core area and protective separator [8] . The optical parts of an apparatus that the air current of low-pressure high speed inside central core area shunned interior of focusing laser connect to the absorption of ahead medium suffers the loss with vapour and drossy metal. The protection since the outer shroud share that protects air current area isolates effect, its temperature is inferior, still have greater power sticking sluggish at central part relatively, removing inhibition to the be heated rise of air current consequently, rose effectively to protect the effect. Every nozzle forms sincere taper when eject, if solder parameter (aeriform discharge and voltaic size, nozzle diameter size) the choice is proper, can obtain thicker air current covering layer, protect air current so fight the outside to disturb ability to be able to increase, protective effect is more stable and reliable. Conclusion   (1) solder domestic and internationally in contrast on the foundation of a design construction, designed rotate double central issue is complex solder device. (2) the efflux way that talked 3 kinds to differ, undertook contrasting analytic to protecting aeriform flow condition. Controlling aeriform direction and velocity of flow effectively, improved solder on the foundation of quality, designed reasonable gas to protect a structure. (3) should solder when parameter choice is proper, protector can avoid effectively drossy be opposite with vapour the injury of laser head, thicker covering layer also had favorable protective effect to weld zone. CNC Milling CNC Machining