The good helper of job shops - - PS

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The job shops of any CAD model data that often get a client has such experience, data format is changed all along impossible completely fluent, some problems always are met the ground repeats appear. The PS-Surfacer module of Delcam has the function that identifies flaw of the following curved surface: Not complete or the clearance jackknife curved surface between the curved surface of border of curved surface clipping with reduplicative geometry wrong element is wrong unplug inhomogenous wall thick curved surface loses modular horn undercut the mistake of a few curved surface that radius of corner of inside and outside passes small other... PS-Surfacer can be read in directly and the CAD file with output commonly used great majority, include Catia, UG, ProEngineer, Rhino to wait a moment, leave out the labor that uses other and special converter. The curved surface of PS-Surfacer and operation of hypostatic modelling tool are simple, special apply to job shops to use. Machine tool handlers can found new curved surface freely, such as unplugs the modular face, face that distribute a model, cent face, outspread face, tangent fill face, or revise existing model, make its machine a process to go to the lavatory more simply. These can be finished directly in the workshop, do not need to arrive again in CAD software system or return design branch to undertake. The world of PS-Surfacer and Delcam's banner much axis machines software PowerMILL complete conformity, can make the productivity of your workshop develops until. CNC Milling CNC Machining