Voltaic transformer the desired effect measure of 10% errors curve

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1, electric current that has shed voltaic transformer according to protector type computation is diploid.

2, the model according to voltaic transformer, change compare and electric current multiple, bear allows 2 times in what voltaic transformer decides on 10% errors curve.

3, according to 2 times to voltaic transformer the short circuit type with the most serious negative charge is calculated of voltaic transformer actual 2 bear.

Be like: YModel are the voltaic transformer three-phase of wiring and two-phase short circuit actual 2 bear Zfh=Rdx+Zk+Rjc Rdx: ?  embraces cangue to knock at male Qian?o.

Zk: ? Collect of phlegmy Jin Jian attacks ending M?o.

Rjc: ? Oh サ Qian? is taken commonly 0.


4, actualer 2 bear and allow bear 2 times.

According to the facts border 2 times bear is less than allow bear 2 times, the error that shows voltaic transformer does not exceed if 10%; is actual 2 times bear is more than allow bear 2 times, should take undermentioned step, make its satisfy 10% errors curve.

A, increase join lead sectional or shorten join lead length, in order to reduce actual 2 bear.

The voltaic transformer that B, selection becomes bigger, reduce voltaic multiple, increase allow bear 2 times.

The C, 2 winding series connection voltaic transformer rises, make allow bear 2 times to increase one times.

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