Kinco servo cuts the application on machine in the model

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The model cuts engine system is a trends to electric machinery answers a kind of mechanical equipment with very high demand, requirement servo can offer very fast trends to answer ability and accurate position ability. This system that we make is the tall trends that has according to ED servo driver and electric machinery namely answers ability to come true, still used the process designing capacity that ED servo interior has at the same time, the uses before has high speed pulse to output ability PLC in returning a system changed general common PLC, for the client managing cost. The characteristic of a few functions of our driver is below: 1, the speed of complete digitlization and positional control function, provide the control function of the position, speed and torque, have very tall trends to answer ability; 2, dog changefully neatly control means, offer what Gao Lingmin spends to dog the effect; 3, the figure that can compile programmed control to make inputs output; 4, but short circuit of monitoring electric machinery, voltage, temperature, coder, position dogs and electric current crosses advanced fault; 5, can pass mouth of communication of RS232, RS485, Profibus, CAN to have parameter set; Because our servo driver is completely capable that competency works this, this next systems introduce roughly below: One, the model cuts diagram of aircraft machinery orgnaization 2, equipment technology   1: Servo electric machinery pulls those who use plastic film to run orbit. Pursue as follows: Craft explains: Have two kinds of main kind that cut film. 2: Cursor cuts film: The moving contrail that is as above face is same, s1 area undertakes following, enter " to search area of color patch " next, await color patch, should detect after color patch, enter fixed position mode, take a fixed length. 3: Programmed control cuts film: Have the length with a good set every time namely. Programmed control cuts film to be divided again it is two kinds. 1) fixed length is cut, the distance that cuts every time namely is same. 2) lengthen cut, namely beforehand set is many better length, be cut next according to paragraph of many length of set. 4: Still a few union are applied. Be like: Light accuses + programmed control. Cut consumed to accuse to locate for the first time namely be controlled next with programmed control, but this is the application on a few functions is here not specific specification. Nextpage   3, transducer of point of athletic contrail control will control " model to cut head " . Because transducer is the fastest 50Hz, can control a model to cut head 300inc/min, so servo controller, also should open 300 times stop / Min. When because the head is cut in the model,be being cut, be absolutely do not allow those who move to procrastinate. So servo run time is cut a head to come up against " to promote inductor " to begin to move when the model, cut in the model next before the head comes up against " of " coping inductor, finish pull film. If the " that servo has not received when the head comes up against " of " coping inductor is cut to pull film in the model,finish signal " to think the rate that pulls film is too slow, be about to call the police. 4, servo program writes light to control flow: Enter " of " speed mode first, run a distance quite at the same time, exceeded S1 when moving distance, start catch a mouth to catch color patch quickly, the 1 rate that if catch color patch,leaves speed mode (60ff0020) the top speed of the fixed position mode that sends servo (60810020) , enter absolutely fixed position next. Locate the Out1 after arriving is outputted. 2 if be in the biggest allow to carry color patch did not discover inside travel length, with respect to Out2 output, and servo stops. Din1 sparks start, call Seq10 of Seq10     (will current position + S1 comes set sparks the place that takes a mouth quickly, at the same time comparator 1 with comparator 2 stop) 21A0032080000 of   of   of     21A0012060630020 (S1 length, HMI set)   of   of 21A0022021800420 of   of   of     21A004101 218106100 (cancel comparator 1)     218206100 (cancel comparator 2) SeqF of   of   of     21180008F (set: If be in what " moves every time,color patch was not found inside " of the biggest length, electric machinery stops, sign up for a fault next) 21A00320100000 of   of   of     21A0012060630020 (the biggest length that runs every time, HMI set) 2118000811   of   of   of 21A0022021810420 of   of   of     21A004101   Seq11 (advanced travel uniform motion. ) 606000083   of     608302201600000   of   of   60FF002010000   608402201600000   of   2118000813   of   of   60400010F     Seq13 (begin comparator 1, compare real position, whether does judgement begin to spark catch a mouth quickly) 2180012060630020   of     218002200   of     of   21800320FFFFFFFF   (21800420 in Seq10 already set) 218005205   of     218006208014   of     Seq14 (begin comparator 2, compare real position, the " of the biggest length that whether judgement exceeds " to move every time sparks at the same time catch a mouth quickly) 2181012060630020   of     218102200   of     of   21810320FFFFFFFF   (21810420 in Seq0F already set) 218105205   of       218106208020 (exceed Cheng to jump turn Seq20)     21C001108015 (quickly, await N signal) 606000081   of   of   of Seq15 of   of   of     21C002200   21A0012020110520 (in putting the rate of 3 mode 1 pattern)     21A004100 (Copy) 607A002010000 of   of   of     21A0022060810020 (detect the S2 length that wants to move more after N signal, )   of   of     60400010F 218106100 (cancel to exceed Cheng comparator 2) 2118000816   of     604000105F of   of   Seq16   (have relative fixed position)     Seq20 (exceed Cheng to call the police output)     2160052001 (Out1 output, because I undertook installing in output, see a program) 213001108021   of       213002201000 (delay time 1S)   of   of     Seq21 2160052000 (Out1 stops to output)   programmed control changes fixed position length ceaselessly namely. Did not write in this, see a program. Nextpage   5, electric equipment pursues 6, debugging the graph below the circumstance is to accuse 300 solely / Min when collection servo motion curve: 7, summary can undertake process designing as a result of servo interior, because this avoided to write complex PLC program, still reduced the burden of PLC at the same time, can change a very small PLC, additionally KINCO servo still can measure output interface to control transducer through imitate, more reduced systematic cost. At present this model is cut machine finish 300 / the speed of Min does not have any problems, precision satisfies the client's requirement completely, pass 2 months try machine, the client is very satisfactory to the stability of ED servo, did not appear any breakdown. The model is cut machine such high speed are opened stop equipment (basically 60 / S) , the model cuts a head to basically won't stop let servo move, after stopping when servo, ability is started afresh, such meetings cause the loss of efficiency of whole system. Similar such equipment still has high speed to make bag of machine, the machine that cover sign is waited a moment, it is a requirement minutely hundreds of equipment, at present Kinco servo has applied extensively in these circumstances. CNC Milling CNC Machining