Peaceful the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces aing jade-like stone adds T9100 series material newly to pledge bit decides bits chamfer form

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For in steel treatment domain is shown high-powered (the cutting tool life that is like unusual stability and sex of blade of Gao Kang collapse) , tungaloy company developed the T9100 turning razor blade of new-style CVD coating again. What roll out now is new the chamfer that break bits cooperates the material such as Tungaloy company's well-known T9105, T9115, T9125 and T9135 to pledge, but complete the treatment that covers carbolic steel and alloy steel. To improve the efficiency of general machining industry, tungaloy company used special PremiumTec finishing technology, bit surface is slicker, can decrease stick bits, improvement to discharge bits. This innovation uses distinctive coating to adhere to increase technology and columnar grain stabilizes a technology, although be in burden is intermittent when turning is machined, bit has the crackajack sex that fight collapse and longer cutting tool life likewise. Coating is adherent enhance a technology to be able to disperse the stress that can cause bit crackle and coating to flake. The application of integrated technology, bit life can exceed a competitor 50% above, reduce the happening of abrupt damaged at the same time, performance is steadier. T9100 series razor blade decides bits chamfer form newly introduce extended turning size range of pipe bent. In finish machining domain, tungaloy introduces - NS and - TS chamfer as what have - ZF and - the complement of AFW. Be in small feed, small when cutting deep treatment, - NS chamfer judge the bits, performance that discharge bits good. And - TS chamfer point is sharp, processing a rod kind when the spare parts, expression is spotless. In steel big feed, small in cutting deep turning to machine, tungaloy introduced - AS breaks bits chamfer, as existing - ASW takes Xiu Guangren bit chamfer compensatory. - AS is lost model the chamfer that break bits is shown in forging treatment extraordinary efficient. New-style turning waits to machine in breaking the affiliation of bits chamfer to make Tungaloy T9100 set completely contented and can whole. The new T9100 series that uses at secondary treatment can be offerred new " complete Zhou Xing " , - DM and - the S chamfer that break bits. "Complete Zhou Xing " successive or support of the chamfer that break bits is intermittent treatment, all have outstanding dependability and stability. In treatment of big range application, - DM is chamfer of aggrandizement of a kind of point model, there is remarkable point intensity to reach bits capacity in application of wide range treatment. - S chamfer design concise, point the sharp, control that cut bits outstanding, productivity is tall. In heavy-duty treatment, t9100 series was added newly - THS chamfer, this chamfer apply to cutting deepness vicissitudinous medium-sized to heavy-duty treatment, point intensity is high, cutting force is small. - THS chamfer it is new-style - TUS chamfer, what differ with THS is, - TUS is bosseyed razor blade, groove design is unique, in cutting deep treatment greatly, the ability that break bits is outstanding. The set of the chamfer that break bits with new T9100 whole set passes comprehensive test, no matter be the sex of the cutting tool life, productivity, blade that fight collapse, control that cut bits, still be cutting speed and feed, all behave exceedingly good. CNC Milling CNC Machining