Report of cutting tool of much brilliant diamond corrodes processing technique analysis

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Aluminium alloy material and data of alloy of other nonferrous metal are used in auto industry, like plastic material, synthesis carbon fiber material, fibre glass material and stick the case that accepts material dosage to increase ceaselessly to fall, the dosage of diamond coating cutting tool also increases ceaselessly. Much brilliant diamond (PKD) cutting tool is a kind in last few years the cutting tool data that material of cutting tall hardness often uses, and they also have those who exceed hard alloy cutting tool to go up in lumber treatment industry beautiful expression. According to expert estimation, year of sale of global PKD cutting tool will exceed 3.

500 million dollar, among them the application of PKD cutting tool of 52 % produces enterprise and component supplier in the car. The treatment cost of PKD cutting tool is very high, the price photograph of its semifinished product is compared very expensive also. The cutting of use PKD cutting tool is machined already take time arduous, and percent defective is quite tall. Besides the production error of geometrical appearance and dimension, because the brittleness of PKD material is very tall, appear extremely easily on cutting blade collapse broken breach, this is accurate tool manufacturer the characterization that the difficulty when the home produces treatment to PKD cutting tool makes. In the development process of PKD cutting tool, possible now more economy, more high grade assurance the production of cutting tool of this kind of PKD was machined, electric spark machines the very good cutting method of PKD cutting tool namely. compositive A reference axis and measuring systematic PKD is a kind of agglomeration and become synthetic diamond preform piece. It has the structural figure of metallic cutting cutting tool, by horniness material (carbonization tungsten) as matrix. The cutting material of this kind of metal radical has certain conductivity, this makes the report of PKD cutting tool corrodes line cut or report corrodes treatment to become a possibility. Report corrodes the task with machine main is: The treatment on becomes in agglomeration PKD semifinished product gives eligible bit. And another problem that report corrodes treatment to need to solve is: Undertake to installing the PKD cutting tool in cutter hub blade is ground afresh, make it more sharp. For this, agie company provided system of reference axis of an appropriate dynamo, signal generator, new special software, mechanical component and A circumgyrate for their Agiecut lathe. The report that improving PKD bit corrodes process capability and report to corrode treatment quality respect, electric machinery is having main effect, for example what Agie company uses is IPG (intelligence changes electric machinery) , used Ecut electric machinery to control a technology, make the electric machinery system of the machine tool can apply to all sorts of high speed cutting and report to corrode treatment. The cut with the cut ceaseless silk that report corrodes treatment, corrode different metallic stuff: The horniness material in PKD razor blade and agglomeration material. Nicety, high-powered machinery and electric machinery system still cannot satisfy the need that blade of PKD razor blade grinds completely, unwarrantable still economy produces those who give qualification efficiently to perhaps say blade worries the PKD bit that gives qualification. They still must rely on efficient software to control a process. Pass with inferior the clasp of the company of Esco finite liability of treasure, agie company research and development the EDM Map software of Windows system. It can generate circumgyrate cutting to machine the NC of cutting tool to measure according to the geometrical dimension of cutting tool, report corrodes treatment and blade to grind machine program. Get bit accurately real position, the parameter of realistic point of view and cutting face figure is the premise condition that high accuracy report corrodes treatment. Had better be direct in manufacturing treatment machine tool measure these data, perhaps measure in 5 coordinate measure in the machine tool, all manufacturing preparation and cutting treatment data should have the capacity that the network calls. Treatment is corroded in the report of PKD cutting tool in, CAD/CAM system is the base that must have. Programme controll software can call the CAD file of DXF format, cutting tool can be in any angle, any positions undertake metrical to the razor blade of PKD is the base that gains parameter of accurate cutting tool. The machine tool places the parameter that maintains component, in the database that maintains system of numerical control of existence machine tool, length of blade of cutting tool cutting and cutting tool diameter can be defined by him handlers, at the same time handlers still needs to give out the blade of PKD razor blade grinds way, hind horn, before horn, pour wine cup, pour the amount of the width of arris and cutting blade. The treatment that many test site can win actual geometry parameter well and truly undertake on the machine tool report corrodes PKD cutting tool is measure from cutting tool begin (the length of opposite outfit clip that cutting tool measures in the department of cutting tool coordinate in the machine tool and angle) . When measure, measure a system to undertake many a little bit metrical to cutting tool razor blade, collected the data of many cutting blade especially, for next report corrodes treatment to make good preparation. Data of the cutting tool that these detecting go to, razor blade assured the grinding with correct blade of cutting tool cutting, can be in what go to the lavatory in the use henceforth to have the compensation of cutting tool dimension. Change to say: After the cutting blade collapse of some razor blade is broken, can be via measuring on the direction of reference axis of many machine tools henceforth get dimension is compensated, make its process the product that gives qualification. Treatment is corroded in this kind of report in, those who use still is silk of line cut copper, and corrode the frequency taking a knife of cut by handlers set report. PKD razor blade corrodes silk of line cut copper in standard report (brass silk diameter 0.

1 ~ 0.

25mm) corrode cut to shape finally. The treatment of numerical control program shows pattern of form of to in an attempt to as a result, save rise. In the cut treatment of semifinished product of razor blade of diamond of PKD much brilliant, use cut feed rate is 4 ~ 10mm/min, this and be concerned by the material of cut razor blade and ply, the grain degree of finish of the exterior quality of bit and razor blade is concerned. Sharp degree is the cutting blade that can achieve 3 μ of 2 ~ M. CNC Milling CNC Machining