Classification of numerical control cutting tool is completely analytic

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Numerical control cutting tool is mechanical the tool that in making, is used at cutting treatment, call cutting the tool again. The cutting tool of broad sense includes cutting tool already, still include to grind; At the same time " numerical control cutting tool " outside the bit that uses except cutting, still include the accessory such as arbor and knife handle! Can divide according to cutting tool structure for: Rectify form of characters or letters: Cutting tool is an organic whole, be made by a preform and become, not fission; Solder type: Use solder methodological join, divide knife head and arbor; Machine clip type: Machine clip type can be divided again for not dislocation and but dislocation two kinds; Normally numerical control cutting tool uses machine clip formula! Special type: Be like complex formula cutting tool, damping type cutting tool. It is according to making the data that cutting tool place uses can divide: High-speed steel cutting tool; Hard alloy cutting tool; Diamond cutting tool; Other data cutting tool, if cubic nitrogen turns boracic cutting tool, cutting tool of pottery and porcelain. Can divide from cutting craft for turning cutting tool, especially round, inside aperture, whorl, cut off, grooving cutting tool a variety of; Auger cut cutting tool, include broach, reamer, tap to wait; Boring cutting tool; Milling cutting tool. The form that cutting tool processes the surface by workpiece can be divided it is 5 kinds. Machine the cutting tool of all sorts of outside faces, include broach of lathe tool, planing tool, milling cutter, outside face and file to wait; Aperture machines cutting tool, include broach, reamer, boring cutter, reamer and inside exterior broach; Thread machining tool, include to leave tap, front tooth, automatically add up to whorl to cut lathe tool of head, whorl and whorl milling cutter to wait; Gear cutting cutting tool, include the hob, knife that insert tine, shave tine knife, bevel gear to machine cutting tool to wait; Cut off cutting tool, include to set tine fretsaw piece, band saw, bow saw, cut off lathe tool and curium a milling cutter etc. In addition, still have assorted cutting tool. Press cutting movement way and corresponding edge figure, cutting tool can be divided again it is 3 kinds. General cutting tool, like lathe tool, planing tool, milling cutter (planing tool of the lathe tool that does not include figuration, figuration and figuration milling cutter) , boring cutter, broach, reamer, reamer and curium etc; Figuration cutting tool, the edge of this kind of cutting tool is had with be machined identical or workpiece section is adjacent same figure, mix like milling cutter of planing tool of figuration lathe tool, figuration, figuration, broach, conic reamer all sorts of thread machining cutting tool; Exhibiting cutting tool is to use the tooth flank that exhibits a law to machine gear or similar work, if the hob, knife that insert tine, shave ages,planing tool of knife, bevel gear is mixed bit body of bevel gear mill. The structure of all sorts of cutting tool is comprised by the part that hold clip and working section. The part holding clip of structural cutting tool and working section do whole to go up in cutter hub; The working section of cutting tool of the structure that mount a tooth-like part of anything (tooth or razor blade) set outfit go up in cutter hub. The part holding clip of cutting tool has take Kong He to take a power two kinds. Suit of the aperture inside support of the cutting tool that take aperture is on the main shaft of the machine tool or arbor, axial of have the aid of bolts or end panel key is delivered turn round pitching moment, be like cylindrical milling cutter of milling cutter, the face that cover type. The cutting tool that takes a power has rectangular shank, columnar handle and conic power normally 3 kinds. Lathe tool, planing tool it is rectangular shank commonly; Conic handle relies on taper to bear axial thrust, and force of attrition of have the aid of delivers torque; Columnar handle applies to lesser twist drill commonly, establish the cutting tool such as milling cutter, the attrition power that produces when clamp of the have the aid of when cutting is delivered turn round pitching moment. The petiole of the cutting tool of handle of a lot of belts is made with low-alloy steel, and working section uses high-speed steel to become two parts to solder. The working section of cutting tool arises namely and treat the share that cuts bits, include where a thing can be put to best use, make cut bits to break broken or bits of the structure of wind up, platoon or look store the structural element such as the passageway of fluid of the space that cuts bits, cutting. The working section of some cutting tool is cutting part, wait like lathe tool, planing tool, boring cutter and milling cutter; The working section of some cutting tool includes cutting part and calibration share, be like broach, reamer, reamer, inside exterior broach and tap. The action of cutting part is to use edge excision to cut bits, the action of calibration part is Xiu Guang already the treatment surface of cutting and guide cutting tool. Go breast enhancement of pop chart of pop chart of microgroove eye frost recommends very good lavender oil of essence of life goes scar public praise goes knitting eye frost which brand is very lean lumbar drive how does the structure of section of cutting tool job have kind and gentle hall integral type, solder type and style of mechanical clip firm 3 kinds. Integral structure is cutting blade is made on cutter hub; Solder the structure is get on solder of bit drill rod to the cutter hub of steel; The rigid structure that place firm has two kinds again, one kind is originally knife reel on cutter hub, another kind is good drill rod solder knife head clip solid is on cutter hub. Hard alloy cutting tool is made commonly solder structure or structure of mechanical clip firm; Porcelain cutting tool uses the rigid structure that place firm. The discretion to cutting efficiency and the stand or fall that machine quality have the geometrical parameter of cutting tool cutting part very big impact. The horn before increasing, the plasticity when cut of extruding of face of the knife before can be being reduced is out of shape, reduce cut bits to shed the attrition obstruction before classics, reduce cutting force and heat in metal cutting thereby. But the horn before increasing, can reduce the intensity of cutting blade at the same time, reduce the radiator of knife head to accumulate. When the angle that chooses cutting tool, need considers the impact of a variety of elements, pledge like workpiece material, cutting tool material, processability (thick, finish machining) etc, need fibrous root occupies particular case logical choice. The cutting tool point of view that explains normally, it is to point to make and measure used tagging when angle is working actually, as a result of the installation of cutting tool the position differs and the change of cutting movement way, the angle of real work and tagging angle differ somewhat, but differ normally very small. The material of production cutting tool must have very tall high temperature hardness and wearability, tenacity of necessary bending strength, concussion and chemistry are inert, good craft sex (cutting treatment, forging to wait for) with heat treatment, be out of shape not easily. Become normally when material hardness is tall, wearability is tall also; When bending strength is high, concussion tenacity is tall also. But material hardness is taller, its bending strength and concussion tenacity are lower. Because high-speed steel has very high bending strength and concussion tenacity, and good machinability, contemporary still be the cutting tool data with the most extensive application, it is hard alloy next. Get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre changes boron to apply to cutting hard steel of tall hardness temper by dipping in water and hard cast-iron etc; Get together brilliant diamond applies to cutting not ferreous metal, reach alloy, plastic wait with glass reinforced plastics; Steel of carbolic element tool and alloy tool steel use as only now the tool such as file, front tooth and tap. Hard alloy but dislocation razor blade now already titanium of carbonization of Fu of besmear of law of deposit of chemically gas phase, nitrogen changes titanium, alumina hard layer or compound hard layer. The physics that developing enrages deposit law to be able to be used at hard alloy cutting tool not only, also can use at high-speed steel cutting tool, wait like broach, hob, tap and milling cutter. Horniness coating diffuses as block up chemistry and heat up conductive barrier wall, make cutting tool is in when cutting wear away speed is decelerated, the life of coating razor blade and not the photograph comparing of coating raises 1 ~ about 3 times above. Because be below high temperature, high pressure, high speed, with the spare parts that works in caustic fluid medium, the difficult treatment data that its use is increasing, the automation level that cutting machines and the demand to machining precision are higher and higher. To get used to this kind of circumstance, the development direction of cutting tool will be the cutting tool material with development and new application; Develop the technology of coating of gas phase deposit of cutting tool further, the coating of deposit on the matrix of tall tenacity high strenth taller hardness, resolve the contradiction between hardness of cutting tool material and intensity better; Further progress but the structure of dislocation cutting tool; Raise the production precision of cutting tool, reduce the difference of product quality, make the use of cutting tool realizes maximize. Cutting tool material divides a few kinds as follows roughly: High-speed steel, hard alloy, cermet, pottery and porcelain, get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre is changed boron and get together brilliant diamond. Here basically carries next pottery and porcelain, the time that pottery and porcelain uses at cutting cutting tool is earlier than hard alloy, but as a result of its brittleness, progress is very slow. But go up oneself century after 70 time, still got comparative rapid development. Material of cutting tool of pottery and porcelain basically has two large departments, namely alumina department and nitrogen change silicon is. Pottery and porcelain serves as cutting tool, have cost low, hardness is tall, high temperature resistant performance is good wait for an advantage, have very good perspective. CNC Milling CNC Machining