The importance that clamping apparatus standardizes

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In modern industry production there are 8760 hours in a year, eliminate 2200 hours of on the weekend, hour and the 1160 recreational time of 3600 hours of all sorts of holiday, have a meal time is waited a moment, remain 1800 hours to be used at a day of jobs of 8 hours only. When operating a machine, the time that a worker can use at production truly in a year has 800 hours only. 1000 other hours are used in the setting on same table machine. Using these 1000 hours to obtain more to produce time to look well is the simplest with the most reasonable method. Be in inside in rotation time, if you can eliminate the installation time of 80% , so the manufacturing handling time that you can get 800 hours more, so your manufacturing time can be achieved annual 1600 hours. To certain work, just this let you possibly be achieved evenly from income and expenses gain profit quite abundant. If have two moulds mill, one is in the United States, another is in sweated country, the treatment that asks two manufactories have in a year 4000 hours produces time, how should be they accomplished? If allow two to spend 300 thousand dollar to buy high speed of a high quality to machine a machine tool each, sweated country can be used " 3 fall " means uses this machine, their pure production time of a year is 2400 hours, accordingly they need in the flower 300 thousand dollar buys a same machine gift implementation is annual handling time of 4000 hours. And this factory handles product quality and human affairs issue even. The factory of sweated country won't invest on workpiece clamp standardization. This American factory can use the workpiece clamp technology of standardization, implement automation next. Their 300 thousand dollar that invest even if buys a machine formerly adds the 100 thousand dollar that uses to implement automation. American factory needs to invest 400 thousand dollar only, use treatment of a machine, that factory that can compare sweated country produces more products and economic very much overhead expenses. Factory of this United States not only the handling time that can come true one year 4000 hours is answered time the rest time undertakes selling, and can produce treatment easily time increase 6000 hours. This lets American factory gain more advantageous advantage on economy and competition. Because this one factory invests 400 thousand dollar in all, its produce per year a quantity to be able to exceed sweated country, and but won't have flotsam, do poorly done work over again and can obtain more order too. Sweated factory invests 600 thousand dollar to realize temporary need to buy a machine, is not to improve flow. This is a simple arithmetical problem, as long as standardization and automatic chemical combination manage is used, it is very easy to should come true to the factory develops and obtain outstanding outstanding achievement with respect to meeting discovery. Automation is not to waste capital to create production value however, increase profit. CNC Milling CNC Machining